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Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Wraith: the Oblivion


J. Edward Tremlett

It's evilsonic, it's pornoholic.
Breakdowns, obscenities, it's all I wanna be.

"The Heretic Anthem" - Slipknot

Ever since Black Dog Gaming Factory put the game on "Production Hiatus" in 1998, the fans of Spectre: the Annihilation - the classic game of darkness, despair and utter, total gloom, AFATC - have looked to one fansite for direction, new material, and hope.

A fansite whose writers aren't afraid to kick the sacred cow that is Black Dog in order to make their displeasured support known. A fansite where anyone who likes the game can see his or her stuff up in lights, no matter how bad. A fansite chock-full of resources for the fans of Black Dog's best game evaR, helping them to strive higher in their playing and running of that best of games...

And that site is the loud, brash and endlessly-inspirational fan-produced juggernaut known as Spectral Undertakingz - a regularly-updated "e-zine" that provides Spectre fans with all the news, rules, NPCs, fiction, reviews and art their warped little heads can handle.

Over the years, SU's gotten a well-deserved reputation for being the loudest voice in the fight to bring Spectre back. It's also gotten a well-deserved reputation from Black Dog staffers to be Public Nuisance #1 at conventions, especially when their extremely-loud webmaster wheels his bulk onto the floor...

But then, with all things related to Black Dog, it's gotten another, even less-pleasant reputation - with "folks" on the other side of the Umbra. Agents of Oblivion and thralls of the Wyrm have come together, in a rare example of cooperation, and are using the site to fulfill their own, dark goals.

As a result, those who frequent SU are asking for trouble every time they log on...


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E. James Tourmaline
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Michael Rod

The preceding article is a work of parody, following in the example of White Wolf's amusing take on themselves in the WOD - in W:tA in specific - as Black Dog Gaming Factory: unwitting {?} servants of the Wyrm. While the individuals portrayed in this article {some of whom are taken from Pentex: Subsidiaries} may bear some superficial resemblances to real-life individuals, no direct parallels should be drawn between the people named here and any real-life people we may know and love, or at least work for.

In other words, it's only a joke, folks.