Name: Michael Rod {AKA Jim Testies}

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Pedant

Concept: High-Minded Quisling

Type: Fomor

Patron: Wyrmhole

Motivation: To bring as many to the The Truth {ie. TheWyrm} as possible

Affiliation: The Truth

Age: 34

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2

Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4 {Booksmart}), Wits 3

Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 1, Expression 3, Streetwise 4 {Going Underground}, Subterfuge 3

Skills: Drive 1, Etiquette 2, Leadership 3

Knowledges: Computer 3, Enigmas 2, Linguistics 1, Occult 4 {The Truth, which is a skewed, but workable, understanding of the Wyrm}, Science 2, Wraith Lore 1

Backgrounds: Allies 1, Consecrated 3, Contacts 2, Resources 2

Powers: Homogeneity, Mask Presence

Taints: Fading

Willpower: 6

Autonomy: 7

Merits: Medium {+2}

Flaws: None


Image: Michael is so nondescript it's amazing anyone can pick him out of a crowd: medium height, medium build, with an unremarkable face, flat brown eyes and full - but, again, unremarkable - brown hair. Jim had owlish glasses, blue eyes and blonde hair, and the changes have been made with prescription contacts and hair dye. He dresses in flannel work shirts and khaki pants to continue the illusion {Jim used to wear jeans and polo shirts}


Roleplaying: "My journey has taken me far from the places that I used to walk. I find that I can no longer claim any kinship with that curious species known as 'Man,' for I have walked far, far away from him. And though I wear the skin of Man, and the smile of Man, and retain something of his loves and his lusts, I am not a Man. I am a nightmare, dreaming myself awake. And soon must come the dawn."

Back when he was Jim Testies, Michael Rod was one of Warlock: the Pretension's greatest early writers, which comes as no surprise considering how pretentious and pedantic he's always been. His books were always highly peppered with his philosophies on life, art, magicK, and matters of the spirit, the last of which were aided highly due to his being able to hear the whispers of the dead.

Woe be to anyone who disagreed with him in the slightest: he'd knock them on their asses with a barrage of well-turned attacks, sometimes driving people into depression as a result. The way Jim saw it was that he, being right, had a duty to utterly overwhelm and destroy that which is not right, so that all would be right, and to do any less would be wrong.

Then he experienced his true, spiritual awakening, and he saw that not only was he right along, but that the universe completely agreed with him. And having a piece of that universe inside him - making him literally untouchable as he goes about his sacred duty to destroy this diseased world - has only served to make him even more pretentious and pedantic than ever before.

Lecture incessantly, knowing that you and you alone are right. Go on at length about every arcane detail to all possible topics, secure in your knowledge that you haven't missed anything in your analysis. And do so secure in the knowledge that anyone who disagrees is wrong. If they weren't wrong, then why would the world have allowed you to be so well-defended from those who would stop you? It wouldn't! And therefore you are sublimely correct in all things. Let no one forget this - Lecture incessantly, knowing that you and you alone are right...

{And every so often, just as you're reaching a crescendo of brilliance or invective, stumble and stare off into space, as though seeing something off on some far-off hill that only you can see. This is the Wyrmhole calling him home, as his "Fading" Taint comes to call. It will pass, as it always does, but as he loses more of his Autonomy the spells will get longer and longer...}


Big Secrets: One secret that Michael keeps is that he was once Jim Testies. Jim is "dead" to Michael, since Jim was a flawed entity who had no idea how it really and truly worked, but Michael still maintains Jim's existence in case he needs to kill off Michael and hasn't had time to construct a new identity. Every so often, he slips into Jim's shoes in order to go to and defend himself against his critics, just for laughs, but always does it from behind an IP switcher.

His really big secret , however, is his own agenda. He believes that the Wyrm is the true, cosmic principle of creation and destruction, now in its destruction phase. The world needs to be destroyed in order that it may be reborn into glory, and he plans to help bring this about by seeding millions of people with their own shard of The Truth, via the internet.

His aiding of Jessica Shornheart is just a means to an end - a trial run, to get the kinks out and test his ideas. Once he's able to get a successful Bane implantation with each and every hit - as opposed to the 1 in 34.7 he's running now - and can replicate whatever Jessica did to his server, he's going to drop Spectral Undertakingz like a rock and go do something even larger. This will involve killing off Michael Rod and making a new identity, but not until he's headed up to E.'s place and done away with both Tourmaline and Shornheart, so that no one will have even the slightest chance of giving his plans away.