You Had a Dream But This Ain't It

So Spectral Undertakingz started putting up links to Michael's offsite articles with every update. And these links all went to Michael's server, and the nasty clutch of Banes he had crawling around inside of it, courtesy of his "Patron," the Wyrmhole. Anyone who followed the link stood a chance of being invaded by one of them, provided it could travel down the wires quick enough before being zapped by the Weaver's minions, or else losing coherence in the hostile environment.

As per her agreement with Michael, Jessica knows when a bane has actually reached its intended target, and sends a group of Spectres off after the victim to see what happens. And since a good series of hits might wind up infesting between twenty and fifty people, she has them shuttle from to victim to victim to pick the "most promising" one. After all, they can only be in so many places at once, and not every possession is going to produce a killing machine - some might just kill themselves when psychosis sets in.

And that's the way it's been for some time, now. E. gets a number of complaints that people can never download the docs from Michael's server, but he tends to shrug them off: he gets a major article each and every month from Mr. Rod, so why should he care if the fans have crappy dial-up? {In truth, he is a little curious, but Jessica tends to suck the caring right out of him in the nick of time by distracting him with porn.}

Recently, they had to move servers yet again, as the old one was getting too many complaints about their content. They holed up at E.'s geoshities page for two months, waiting for a new, more mercenary server to present itself. And as of the latest issue, they're established in their new digs, and are sharing space with two porn sites and the local animal shelter.

Meanwhile, E. continues to suffer from Jessica's presence in his life. He's bulked out considerably, to the point where he's in danger of a heart attack or diabetes - provided his body doesn't just collapse into Being-saturated mush one fine day.