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An Idolized Bang For the Industry Killer

Spectral Undertakingz was first conceived of by a small group of disappointed Spectre: the Annihilation fans. After years of playing one of the best games ever made - by their standards, anyway - they learned that the line was being put on "Production Hiatus," with only one, final book being released to "end" the metaplot. And they were not happy.

Anticipation mounted for the last Spectre book ever - Terminus - and when it came out it was, by all accounts, one of the best things ever put out for the entire line. But they still weren't happy. What about all the cool books that had never been written? What about a revised edition? Hell, what about an historical title - they'd been promising Spectre: Ghosts of 'Nam for years, after all...

So these fans decided that if Black Dog wasn't going to carry on with the production of Spectre, then they could just do it themselves. In a now-infamous thread on Black Dog's official Spectre forum, they came together, elected one another Malfeans, hashed out out their bylaws and rules and set up an ambitious schedule for product.

They also got themselves all IP-banned in perpetuity. That censure came about due to several loud calls on their part to bootleg every Spectre book ever made so that any and all could enjoy the game. {They also called the webslave a goat-fucking nazi fascist, but in that they were hardly unique ­ so did most of Black Dog's Developers}

It wasn't just the webslave who got on their case, though. They also got a few raps on the knuckles from some of the more "mature" Spectre fans as well ­ most notably the spectre editor from another, more-established web-zine. But they filed all that criticism under Fascist Nazi Bullshit, and ignored it.

Thus, properly empowered by an official shutdown by The MAN, the seven Malfeans went off to do what they'd talked about. One of them managed to get some shared time on his older brothers' website, another fired up his pirated Frontpage, and between them they got the first Spectral Undertakingz site up and running less than a week after their mass exile.