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April 2004 Issue!

Welcome Back!

At long last, we have a home on the web, again. Some site - which shall remain nameless (since they sucked major dick, anyway) - couldn't pay its server bill, and we leaped on the domain ASAFP. No more hiding out at Geoshities for us!

It'll take us a while to get the rest of the site transferred over, but we decided not to make you wait any longer for the new issue. You can still get the old stuff from the Archivez at the previous site, but you might want to hurry up, m'kay?; It's only a matter of time before they realize we're still operating out of their server and shut us down! : P


Big Newz

First off, let me say how happy we are to have gotten another Special Treat for you all. There were more than a few fans who wondered if there was something cut from Blights on the Landscape, by Spectre's first developer, Jessica Shornheart. The book's always been considered to be a golden example of fine, 1st ed Spectre (as opposed to the watered-down, more "hopeful" material that came later) but it always seemed like it only went so far, and then stopped suddenly?

Well, it turns out it was: entire paragraphs were sliced out of the text at the very last minute for one reason or another, just before it went to press. And guess what we've got, right here? That's right - several pieces that should have been in Blights, but weren't. Hold onto your hats, folks - this is some killer stuff.

As for the other big news... we're sure you've already heard about what happened at Darque-Con if you hang out on alt.games.blackdog, but here's the real story. Maybe we can tell it here without six billion assholes from Black Dog Gaming Factory (and their Hitler Youth fanclub) jumping in and defending the sorry motherfucker.

(And yes, you assholes can post all you like on our forums. Some of us still believe in free speech. Just remember we Spectre fans give as good as we get, m'kay?)

And we're also happy to report that, while we were at Darque-Con getting our asses kicked by Black Dog staffers, we managed to get 100 more signatures on our petition to bring back Spectre: the Annihilation! How's that for a bunch of "statistically insignificant" fans?


This Issue

But after our Darque Dispatch about Jason O'Kelly, and the missing material from Blights on the Landscape, what else is there to get excited about? Plenty!

We've also got...

X. The Ending of Spectre Cults Revised - our biggest. netbook. evaR! And it's done!

X. Amphiskiopolis: Houston - an entire "citybook" for you!

X. Another chapter in the ongoing saga of our favorite possessed mass murderer "The Arkansas Ripper," and yet another Death Row confession from The Hanging Man

X. Plus all the reviews and other blackhearted fun you've come to expect from the best - and only - site dedicated to keeping this excellent game "Alive!" 

 Darque Dispatchez:

My Fistfight with the Revenant Developer at Darque-Con

by E. James Tourmaline (HTML)

 Special Treatz:

The "Missing" material from Blights on the Landscape

by Jessica Shornheart (RIP) (HTML)


Spectre Cults Revised

by Milton Fleebisch (pdf)


Amphiskiopolis: Houston

by Michael Rod (doc. offsite)

 Sick Storiez:

Death Row Confessions: How Momma Came Apart

by The Hanging Man (HTML)

 Sick Storiez:

Come Here Little Girl - pt. 17

by "The Arkansas Ripper" (HTML)

 Rotten Reviewz:

Soundz: "jesuSucks" by jesuSucks - 10/10

by Metal Mann!!! (HTML)

 Rotten Reviewz:

Moviez: "New Wave Chainsaw Hooker Aztec Ghost" - 7/10

by Cassidy Froud (HTML)

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