The site has a regular bevy of writers who send stuff in for each and every issue, along with the one-offs who send in something and then are never seen again, or the ones from the past who resurface long enough to make a promise they can't keep.

Here are some of the more recent ones - others, like the Hanging Man and the Arkansas Ripper, are profiled in April's Issue


Name: Milton Flebisch

Poor Milton is always getting burned. He's one of SU's best writers, in his own way, but everything he writes inevitably gets targeted by Connor Claptrapp for removal. This is because Milton made the bad mistake of telling Connor exactly what was wrong with Zombie: the Decaying when Connor was developing it, and - worse - being absolutely right. Connor's been taking pleasure from fucking Milton in the ass ever since. One day, Milton's going to be pushed too far...


Name: Metal Mann!!!! {aka Kim Yu Bum}

The child of South Korean immigrants to America, Kim's inability to spell comes courtesy of California's educational system, and his inability to string anything together that doesn't involve his Lord And Master SATAN!!! is probably courtesy of brain-smashed stupidity. His parents have finally disowned him, which makes him feel about as happy as... well, anyone whose brain was melted down by ten tons of pot could be under the circumstances. He somehow finds the best music to review, though, and E. leaves the spelling on his reviewz just as they are, because that makes it all the more amusing.


Name: Cassidy Froud

Cassidy is a pretentious prick and a complete liar who fancies himself a writer, which makes him a perfect choice to review Spectre books, as well as comics, movies, and other, "inspirational" books. He does so with a detached air of and a cynical smirk, digging up many interesting "facts" to add poignancy to his opinions. But underneath it all is a sad-faced man who secretly loves one of the Developers at Black Dog, and knows he'll never work up the courage to send in a writing proposal to him for fear of being turned down. So he reserves his best criticism for that fellow's line, over on other sites, ever-trying to get his idol to see how much he really cares by giving him the benefit of his stinging - but well-meant - criticism.