Name: Jessica Shornheart

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Director

Psyche: The Nurturer

Life: Henpecked RPG writer

Death: Henpecked to the point of suicide

Caste: Apparition

Purpose: Gaining Revenge on Black Dog Gaming Factory

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3

Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4 (Creative)

Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Awareness 3, Dodge 3, Empathy 2, Expression 4 (RPG Writing)

Skills: Etiquette 2, Leadership 2, Stealth 2, Technology 3

Knowledges: Bureaucracy 2, Computer 3, Enigmas 2, Linguistics 1 (High School French), Occult 3, Politics 1

Backgrounds: Allies 1, Legacy 2, Memoriam 2, Shadowlands 3, Status 3

Dark Passions: Get Revenge on Black Dog (Fury) 4, Prove to Everyone You're the Best Writer in the Underworld (Ambition) 3, Destroy the Enemies of Ullikummis (Duty) 1

Fetters: Her old office at Black Dog Gaming Factory 3, Her Laptop 3

Arcanoi: Corruption 3, Hive Mind 4*, Inhabit 4, Lifeweb 2, Maleficence 3

Being: 5 (Fury)

Corpus: 8

Merits: None

Flaws: None

Permanent Composure: 3

Psyche: The Nurturer

Fronds: Guilt 3, Psyche Traits (Expression) 2

Passions: Convince Jessica of What Good A Writer She Is (Pride) 4, Get Her to Inspire Others (Generosity) 3


Image: Jessica looks something like she did in life - small, gentle and cute in a mousy sort of way. However, the mouse is only skin deep: one need only look in her dark, Oblivion-infested eyes, see her stance as she gives orders or hear the words that come from her mouth to see that she is nothing like what she once was. That has all been eaten away.

She wears a blue dress shirt and skirt that are in absolutely immaculate condition, along with a white clip for her long, straight dirty blonde hair. She doesn't wear any shoes, and one can see that her feet are still scarred and smoking from the "accident" that did her in.

Her time as an Apparition has marked her: not only is her skin flaking away in patches, but pulsing flecks of diorite protrude from her wrists, ankles and neck. The diorite symbolizes her servitude to the Onceborn Ullikummis, and every time she gains Angst from directly fulfilling her Dark Passion to destroy His enemies, another shard erupts from her flesh.


Roleplaying: Come on, (kid)! *Clap-Clap!* /Time's/ wasting, and (I) don't care if (you) /were/ whacking off with gore porn /all night/. (We) have a game to promote, /here/!

Jessica used to take shit from everyone, but now she doesn't take anything from anybody - she takes from them, instead. Everyone that falls into her clutches is meant to serve her, and she can be quite demanding indeed. Her instructions are strict and complex, her timetables are severe and nothing is ever good enough for her. She doesn't have the time to listen to excuses, whining, tales of personal woe - none of that bullshit.

Snarl, threaten and be extremely bossy. Demand the impossible, crack a verbal whip over everyone's heads and threaten them with unspecified - but doubtlessly nasty - consequences if they can't get it done. Act like a deadline's always looming, the timetable's too close to readjust, and if it all doesn't come together just right the world is going to come to a sharp, juddering and bloody end.


Psyche: "Maybe if you helped him to see where his true talents are, he might need less goading? Lay off the Investments and just talk to him?"

Just as the anger Jessica used to repress has come to the fore in a big way, so has the kinder and gentler side of her gone to the back. Her Psyche tries to get her to be more like she was: gentle and nurturing, bringing out the best in people, rather than cracking a whip over their heads and threatening them with those unspecified - but doubtlessly nasty - consequences.


Malfean: Jessica is bound - however loosely, these days - to the service of a Onceborn known as Ullikummis. He takes the form of a titanic, miles-wide heap of shattered diorite that stretches across a seemingly-impossible plain in the Labyrinth's outer reaches. The heap was once a great statue, or so the Malfean's diorite-studded Nephwracks say, but how their beloved statue-god was destroyed is never spoken of, and how long He has been in this state is properly answered with "(much, much too long)"

Ullikummis hears the unsaid desires and ambitions of the shy, the unconfident and the stunted, and would add their burning, stillborn energies to His own. Those who desire to enter His service are forced to walk across the pile - a journey that often takes an entire day. The worthy make it across, and sacrifice their lowest Dark Passion for "Destroy the Enemies of Ullikummis (Duty)" at whatever level the suborned Passion was at, minus 1. Those who are unworthy are swallowed whole by the pile, and devoured, at which point the pile becomes a little less shattered...

The Onceborn is a rather obscure entity, known only to a few of the more well-read Obliviographers. His primary goal is to change this, and become known as one of the greatest Malfeans, as is His rightful place. To do this, He has ordered His Nephwracks to gather as many souls as possible to act as His armies; Mortwights are ideal, as they are both ready-made and expendable, while ordinary wraiths are dragged back to be either converted into Shades or forged into weapons - all of which look like they were made from diorite, oddly enough.


Big Secrets: The biggest secret that Jessica keeps from her "friends" in the Labyrinth is the secret to her success - namely, her arrangement with Michael Rod. Neither her peers nor her superiors have any idea how she just knows where and when to be to harvest so many ripe, freshly-killed souls. So far, they're putting it down to luck, but if her "luck" keeps up much longer her rivals might start investigating. And if they find out about Michael, they'll kill him, and then her, in a bid for their own advancement.

She also keeps her own, personal agenda close to her chest. She knows that Michael is slowly fading out, and that one day he's going to be dead {or else gone... wherever}, so this Angst train isn't going to last forever. She doesn't need it to, though: all she wants to do is see Black Dog utterly and completely destroyed, so she can rest at last, and no longer have to endure the pain of undeath.

As such, serving Ullikummis is just a smokescreen for serving herself. Whatever devotion she may have felt to her Malfean faded the longer she stayed away from the Labyrinth, and it's decreased to a nagging echo in her head by this point. So when she looks over the souls that Michael's Banes harvest for her, she gladly sends the Mortwights and Nothings down to the Labyrinth, but keeps the Shades - and wraiths with strong Shadows - around to act as her own, personal Reapers, slowly rotating the ones she came here with back to the Labyrinth.

And one day, when she has enough muscle, they'll all charge down to Georgia and wipe the shit-smear that is Black Dog off the landscape for once and for all.


* Note that, as an Apparition, Jessica has Broadcast and Bid for Hive Mind 3 and 4, respectively. Please see Doomslayers: into the Labyrinth pp. 128 - 129 for more details.