A Time of Judgment Chronicle for Wraith: the Oblivion


J. Edward Tremlett

with art by

agzaiM werdnA, J. Edward Tremlett

A pale horse rides like the wind
Across the night
And that rumbling in the desert
Like thunder getting closer
Are the trumpets getting ready to blow
There's going to be a shout that will wake the dead
We'd better be ready to go.

Goin' by the book - Chester Lester

Off in the distance, the Darkness approaches. Some strange Doom is unleashed - flying towards the worlds of the living and the dead on stealthy, unseen wings.

Those who cried that The End was upon us no longer seem so insane. Those who say that these are the best of times have never seemed so horribly alone.

And the Dead are made aware - with a terrible, complete certainty - that the threat they made their peace with long ago has not made its peace with them...

At long last, Doomsday comes. None shall remain when the final bell tolls. All shall pass into dust and darkness.

Oblivion has come for us all.

The signs and portents have been clear for some time, but now there can be no denying it: the Neverborn have awakened, the Labyrinth has arisen, and the Void, Itself, is rushing up to devour the light. The horror most Wraiths hoped they would never "live" long enough to see is coming to pass. Is there hope, still, amongst the horror of the Oblivion War? Or are the Shadowlands - and possibly even the Skinlands - doomed to be swallowed by the Darkness?

OBLIVION is an unofficial Time of Judgment netbook for Wraith: the Oblivion, aiding Wraith Storytellers who wish to play out an End Times Chronicle for their Troupe. It provides no easy answers - much less canonical ones - but gives possible directions for play, and ideas to exploit.


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