Before The World's Ruin

Fatalism in the Face of The End

Sword Time, Axe Time
Shields will be cloven
Wind Time, Wolf Time
Before the World's Ruin

Do you know more now or not?

The Volva to Odin, predicting Ragnarok

As the unknown Darkness approaches, its signs are made manifest. The hands of chance are fastened down, and the options are winnowed away. What may be becomes smaller, what will be becomes more certain. And there is a great, dark wall that approaches in time with its cause - one that no one may see beyond: at least, not without tempting madness...

Here, then, are the signs and portents of The End, along with their in-game consequences. There are also possible changes for Fatalism as Doomsday comes even closer. Storytellers should find these useful, either as presented or with a little tweaking.

And even if you're not planning on doing a Doomsday Chronicle, you might want to have a gander, anyway, for ideas on limiting Fatalism when certain entities come into play. {Another, method can be found here}

Meanwhile, those players whose Storytellers have indicated an interest in doing such a Chronicle for Wraith: the Oblivion should look no further, lest they ruin the surprise...

The Mark

The Vision

The Art