Other Voices

The Rest of the WOD in Oblivion

I'm gathering up my friends today
All these hookers and soldiers and swine
And would-be saints
All alone in their rooms that sparkle in their eye
Play a song that they'll come outside
To see if love will overcome

Sparkle - Live

Wraiths aren't the only ones involved in all this, of course. Depending on how interconnected your World of Darkness is, there's a chance that other groups might be able to help stave off the final dominion of Oblivion, or else help to welcome it in.

Given that wraiths are the true stars of the show, it's recommended that these outsiders' participation be kept to the background: helping to strengthen or weaken the Shroud, but not being wholly responsible for its salvation or destruction. The Wraiths might never even know that help or hindrance was being given for some time thereafter {and if it all comes down then no one will know anything, anyway}.

Note that these options for outside interference mostly preclude the notion of other games' ToJ materials going off at the same time, or with the same magnitude. This is deliberate: This is Oblivion, and having Gehenna, the Apocalypse, Ascension, Winter or what-have-you going on while Oblivion is nigh will most likely take attention away from your own game.

But if you want to juggle it all, go for it - this is your game, do what pleases you and your players. Just don't feel that you have to for the sake of "continuity." After all, are your players, or their Wraiths, really going to care if Caine's walking the earth again?

Besides - maybe the threat of having Oblivion swallow up everything is the reality behind the other boojums' campfire stories of doom...?

Ultimate Players - Ultimate Price

One thing to keep in mind is that strengthening or weakening the Shroud on a worldwide basis is no small doing. It takes a great deal of power just to drop it enough for a few people to pass through a very short-lived portal between worlds, so how mighty a feat, then, would it take to preserve the barrier against Oblivion, itself, or else aid the darkness by pulling it down? And what will such a great working require of them, if not their very lives - or, indeed, their souls?

The bottom line is that this isn't going to be pulled off by a player-level group of boojums, and no one who engages in this - for good or ill - is going to walk away smiling at the end. It will require great presences to raise and/or channel the power needed to do this, and they are going to suffer for their hubris, one way or the other.

So any Wraith who wants to make a "deal" with these outsiders had better have some major collateral on her end...

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