Weapons of the Labyrinth

Spectral Arms, Armor and Arcanoi

Kneel before my altar
And drink the wine of slaughter
Who said I'd save anyone?
So bleed for me - I need hostility
To lead the faithful and the blind

Dark - Gary Numan

One thing that Oblivion excels at, when it comes to war, is girding Its soldiers.

It's true that a lot of Its troops don't need more than a good, strong Tempest wind at their back, and numerous Shade Powers to their front, but that's not to say that they can bring only those to bear when war is joined. Indeed, what their wraithly targets sometimes lack in provisions, the Labyrinth can supply to its own. If its armies need edged weapons, guns, explosives, heavy ordinance, artillery pieces or even war machines, the Labyrinth will provide it for them.

It may take some time and doing to get the material where it's needed, of course. But given that time, Oblivion can get Its soldiers a tool for every job you could imagine - and quite a few for things you could never imagine, provided you were still sane.

Oblivion just expects Its followers to have patience, just like It does.

Malefic Means

Horrific Ends

The Hell-Drill

Dark Arcanos: Blindness