Beautiful Friend, The End

Doomsday and Oblivion

Voices calling, voices crying
Some are born and some are dying
It's alpha and omega's kingdom come

When the Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

One hitch that could impede a Storyteller's desire to do a Time of Judgment Chronicle for Wraith - other than not wanting to end their current game - is the question of how to have Doomsday finally play out.

It's not that there's no pre-set information about The End - far from it. The problem is that the ending, itself, has been foretold in a fairly straightforward and understandable manner. And this can make the prospect seem a little blasé and predictable: one day the Void is going to gobble up the whole of the Underworld, and that's going to be it.... right?

How that gobbling might come about, and if the players' Circle could prevent it, are pieces that the Storyteller and her Troupe could assemble with some doing. But having the final End of the world of Wraith be so known in advance denies it a major part of the mystery, suspense and dark joy of the other WOD games' last moments.

The purpose of this section, then, is to help Storytellers come up with alternate endings. The final result may be the same, but we're going to challenge the literal meaning of the well-known "facts."

What is The End, really? By the end of this, we hope you'll have more answers to that question than you know what to do with. And with any luck, most of them will be all your own.

What is Doomsday?

Words and Their Meanings