Watching as the stars disappear to nothing
The day world is over - we'll be lying in bed
I'm gonna rock you like a baby
when the cities fall
We will rise as the buildings crumble
Float there and watch it all
Miss the burning - we'll be churning
You know love will be our way
The passion rises up from the ashes
When the world ends...

When the World Ends - Dave Mathews Band

There were signs, but no one recognized them.

There were warnings, but no one heeded.

There were prophecies, but they misinterpreted them.

And if there was a turning point, it passed long, long ago...


Since the coming of the 6th Great Maelstrom, the Dead have been existing on borrowed time.

The Storm has made it all but impossible for anyone to see what is truly going on, below the Shadowlands, in the lowest corners of the Tempest. And those who prophesy the future are finding themselves confounded by what they see - or don't, as is often the case in these days.

But if they could see what now goes on, they might wish to tear out their eyes.

For the horrors shaken loose by the eruption of the Storm have stirred to full wakefulness. These powerful Malfeans - the Neverborn - are free once more, and the mighty Onceborn fall to their knees before them, or are destroyed with contemptuous ease.

They have slept for an eternity, dreaming only of the world's destruction.

And so their new servants are roused in their untold millions: soldiers sent aloft on the raging winds of the Tempest, and spies set upon the unwary in what remains of the Necropoli. The infernal armories of the Labyrinth shudder into terrible motion, as weapons and armor not seen outside of fevered nightmare take shape.

The Oblivion War - only hinted at, before - now truly begins.

The Wraiths who have survived the Outbreak, and the years of the Storm, cannot help but notice a change in the enemy's tactics. They are no longer merely driven mad by the Stormwinds and harried into battle - something has given them a new purpose, if only they could see...

But below them all, in the mouth of The Void, something truly horrible stirs.

The primal blackness awakens alongside its monstrous surrogate children, and its black and endless hunger echoes their own. After untold millennia of merely devouring what falls into it, the Darkness at last seeps forward.

In the dark below the dead world, there beneath it all, Doomsday begins its slow, true approach...

... which brings us to the subject of Time of Judgment: OBLIVION - The End.

Much like the other Time of Judgment books in the World of Darkness line {Gehenna, Apocalypse, Ascension} , ToJ: OBLIVION is going to cover what might happen when Wraith: the Oblivion's long-foretold End Of All Things comes to call. It is a primer on Doomsday, with ideas on how to run it, what to make of it, and things to befuddle your Troupe's characters with.

Um... End Game, anyone?

Some might wonder what the point of Time of Judgment: OBLIVION is, since Wraith was already given a TOJ book of sorts through Orpheus.

Our answer is simple: Wraith is not Orpheus. While the two games share some very similar things, we look at the latter as a riff off of Wraith, rather than its direct successor. So while we might borrow a few things that happen in End Game, we aren't going to hold it us absolute canon, either.

But hey, if you want to use it as a model for your Endtimes Chronicle, go for it. Orpheus deserves its props.

Your Endtimes package comes complete with:

Ghost Story - A Final Reading - An ugly tale of caution, in which prophecy is currency, the truth is treason, and an Oracle's life is left to a game of chance - or Fate...

Introduction - What you're reading now.

Our Finest Hours - For once, the Storytelling Chapter is up front, where it belongs. Here is advice on setting up and running your Oblivion Chronicle.

Beautiful Friend, The End - An in-depth look at what Doomsday may be, which will hopefully give you a lot of ideas on how to present it to your players. Is it really The End, or just an end? This may help you decide...

Before the World's Ruin - This chapter asks "What does The End do to the Fatalism Arcanos?" When there is no future, what good is the ability to see it? And how much influence can one still have? Here's some ideas for how to handle it, and why.

Other Voices - Your Wraiths are running for their lives, or hiding from the Darkness, but what is everyone else in the WOD up to? If you want to include other boojums in your game, here are some ideas. Feel free to ignore them, though - Wraiths are the star of this show.

Weapons of the Labyrinth - A look at what sort of waking - and walking - nightmares Oblivion may throw at your characters. New weapons and Dark Arcanoi are here, along with Spectral Armor and the like.


Work in Progress

"No Scenarios? What the hell?"

Okay, so we don't have any Scenarios - yet. We also don't have Weapons of the Labyrinth filled in as much as we'd like, either.

For the time being, this remains a work in progress. Those who'd like to help out are urged to email J at reggies_ghost at hotmail dot com with submitted End Time Scenarios and other goodies.

For everyone else, just sit back and be patient - Oblivion really can wait for another day...