By J. Edward Tremlett

"If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it."

- Brendan Francis

(Important Note)

The Guildbook is a work in progress... which is a nice way to say that it's not quite done, yet. There are still some secrets too dark for your minds to understand. However, after they've been prized from what's left of our victims' souls, we'll update it.

In the meantime, take what you can from what now stands here, as it is. Any questions, flub-ups or clarification questions should be sent to J. at

Updates You Must Read in April

* Recent Mythology

* What is Done in Hir Name, and Why

What You Must Forget

I've decided that, in the interests of preserving some of the mystery (as well as being careful not to de-mythologize the Solicitors too much, as I've presented them) to drop most conrete information about the other, non-Stygian Orders from the Guildbook, and focus primarily on Solicitors in Stygian territory.

As a result, the information on the Dark Kingdom of Jade's Order, and the write-up on Mishima Yukio, have been removed. I will retain that information, and hope to one day re-present it in a different form. But for the time being they're out of the book.




Ghost Story: The Turning of the Wheel


~ I. A History of Desire and Hir Children ~

Ancient Mythology

Recent Mythology

The Beginning from the End

~ II. The Kings of the World ~

What is Done in Hir Name, and Why


The Center of the Wheel

Divisions Amongst the United

Inside Relations

"Outside" Relations

~ III. Spinning Wheels and Grinding Gears ~

Intimation Arcanos

The Secrets of the Heart

Character Creation


Merits and Flaws

~ IV. The Hands of Desire ~

Slaves of Desire...

...and Masters of It

Such Lovely Places