Recent Mythology

Good afternoon, my child. How goes your day?

Ah, yes... busy. I would expect no less, now that you have been introduced to The Book. And I suppose you must be just now embarking on a study of what the Cabal has been doing since that venerable tome left off?

Of course. And you are full of questions, I presume? Yes... I thought as much. Ever full of questions.

This is a good thing, I think. But your master could, and perhaps should, be the one to answer them for you, don't you agree?

Oh... a second opinion is what you're after? Well, I suppose I could spare some time. I am, as you see, otherwise engaged in nothing at all... save for enjoying the peace and beauty of the Garden.

I suppose that I should warn you, though. I cannot promise what I will have to tell you will be the readily-accepted version of how things happened, or why. My memory is not as it was, and perhaps the official history has been rewritten around me as I sit here in contemplation.

But I am old enough and well-regarded enough to be allowed my few, nonconformist ideas. You might be well off waiting a time before you mention my views, or where you heard them from...

You will not be detered? Excellent. I thought I saw much of your Master in your eyes.

Come then. Sit down here with this old man and his ill-made memories, and ask what you will.

Questions are harmless, after all. It's what you do with the answers that gets you into trouble...

The Infiltration of the Republic


The Society of Desire


The Great Rout


The Crusades and The Proclamation of Reason


The War - and Revolt - of The Guilds


The Flaying, The Counter-Injunction and Stygian Outreach


The Great War and The Big Decision


Charon's End and The Hierarchy's Security

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