What is Done in Hir Name, and Why

"It is the nature of desire not to be satisfied, and most men live only for the gratification of it."

- Aristotle


So here we are, then?

I must congratulate you on finding us. It was not an easy task. I know this not because I have surmised as much, but because I was watching your investigations every step of the way.

You have been watched for some time, you see. Ever since one of our agents placed our name in your ear, you have been monitored to see which way you would go. That I find you here, before me, is most pleasing. A number of others we place the test before do not recognize it for what it is, much less make it this far. Far too many give up far too easily, and this is just as well as they are useless to us.

And then we have you.

You are not bound by anything. The room you sit in is not a prison, and yet you cannot make yourself get out of that door.

This is our doing as well. A simple statement was made: "you want to sit and wait." And so you have sat, and so you have waited, and you will continue to do so until you no longer find this room to be quite so fascinating.

By the end of that time we will have reached a decision, you and I, on what is to be done with you. In truth, I shall be the one who makes the decision, based on the answer to a timeless question.

I pose it to you rhetorically now, but the final answer must come from within yourself.

'Are you Desire's master... or its slave?'




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