The Center of the Wheel

"Where desire writhed there stands a stone; the change was sudden and complete."

- Maggie Roche

The Cabal has been controlled by a single, mysterious figure since the dawn of memory. Known only as the Center of the Wheel, this enigmatic figure has never been seen, even by any of Hir advisors or messengers. There must have been a time when S:he was known to others, but this was so long ago that no one from that time is here, or at least sane enough, to testify as to Hir true appearance, nature or origins.

Those who attend Hir do so from the security of their own havens and Haunts, turning towards a certain direction, bowing, and speaking aloud. They never hear Hir voice in reply. They receive feedback and instruction through Urge-borne commands in their minds, and these are as unmistakable as a Maelstrom's breaking winds. Once the communion is done, the Grand Masters go to put Hir directives into action, and thus is the Cabal commanded.

There has always been some measure of speculation amongst the Grand Masters as to what they are serving. Theories range from the ludicrous (one of the Deathlords?) to the frightening (a Malfean?), with a number of stranger ideas inbetween. There is speculation as to whether S:he wrote The Book, or merely found it and has created the Cabal to safeguard its secrets. Hir relationship to Desire is also of interest, and some say that S:he is none other.

And then there is one other question that has proven unsettling. There are a total of eight Grand Masters who are permitted to speak with The Center of the Wheel, and these Eight are not permitted to speak to one another, even to confirm Hir orders or discuss overall Cabal strategy. The orders go from the top down - never sideways. And while this seems perfectly acceptable in a situation where new information can be given and fresh orders can be received within seconds, one can't help but wonder what the harm of the Eight talking to one another could be.

The only answer that makes sense is that if even two of the Eight were to compare which way they bowed during communion, they could get an approximate location of where The Center of the Wheel was transmitting from. And were this secret to get out, then S:he might be located by enemies of the Cabal. Or is S:he also afraid of hir own servants?

Needless to say, thinking on this subject for too long is cause for one of the Eight to be replaced by some other, aspiring Grand Master. And S:he always knows who's being mentally counterproductive... sometimes before the Solicitor in question does.

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