Character Creation


Solicitors should be manipulative, to say the least, and some measure of Charisma isn't a bad idea either. High Perceptions keep one from missing the obvious, and allow one to discern what isn't so obvious, the latter of which might one day be very useful indeed.

Common Abilities:

The Cabal tends to prize Talents and Skills over Knowledges, with Talents usually being the Primary. They tend to look for certain, sneaky abilities in their would-be Apprentices, and those who have them in abundance are allowed to progress to Novice Status. Secondary Abilities are marked with an Asterisk.

Talents: Empathy to tell what your mark is feeling; Expression to make your ideas sound oh-so good; Intimidation for overt hostility; Subterfuge for covert manipulation; *Interrogation for Gardeners; * Intrigue for Disrupters; * Seduction for those Held Hands who like to get close and personal with their marks.

Skills: Etiquette can never be understated; Leadership to be believed; Meditation is of absolute importance; Stealth for being hidden in plain sight. * Misdirection for long talks; * Torture for Gardeners who prefer more blunt methods.

Knowledges: Bureaucracy to know how the beast of state works, or doesn't; Enigmas to figure out the secret workings behind it all; Politics for obvious reasons


These are very important to the Cabal. The general ones, along with Status notes, Relics and Artifacts, and a new Background - Clients - are covered in some detail, here.


Intimation is the Cabal's highest priority, of course, but they teach their own some other Arcanoic skills as well. Most notable amongst them are Keening (to pose as a Chanteur Negotiator), Lifeweb (for blackmail purposes) and Moliate (for disguise). The Purgers learn Castigate in addition to Intimation, but these Arts are a jealously-guarded secret amongst their small number.

There is a school of thought that they should learn Mnemosynis' Arts to aid in their work. This is a very small school, though, and its few surviving members have long since learned to keep their mouths shut. It's a matter of principle, you see: through Intimation you can make someone want to tell you everything you need to know, whereas the Mnemoi have to cheat and steal those memories away.


As high as possible, the better. Any questions?


Upon becoming a Novice, via the Ritual, the Solicitor loses a permanent point of Corpus in making her own Centering Wheel. Therefore, the vast rank and file of the Cabal have only 9 Corpus.

Deathmarks and Moliation:

The Solicitors do not have any standard Moliation. When working in chorus in public they tend to wear NoWear, thus making their true appearances unknown to all but the most willful of onlookers.


Upon becoming a Journeyman, each Solicitor receives a Wheel of Centering (level 3 Plasm Artifact). Anything else they want is either Guild property, and handed out on need only, or must be purchased with background points.

 Optional Rule: "Issued" Materials

Some players may find it frustrating to have to spend three of their background or freebie points on a Wheel of Centering in order to play a Solicitor.

If this becomes a problem, or in order to illustrate that there is strength in numbers, Storytellers can declare that some workaday items are "issued" by the group the Wraith belongs to. Such items are handed over freely, with the understanding that they are a part of being in the group, or instrumental in doing its work. Other "issued" things could be Legional masks, the pendant an Artificer hammers out of her own Corpus, a Legionnaire's gladius, etc.

The player does not have to spend points on these issued materials for her Wraith to have access to them. However, the group expects a return on their investment: using such items frivolously might merit chastisement, or having them taken away. And those who abuse such materials in the Solicitors are quite likely to become materials, themselves...


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