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I've been folding paper for quite a long time and have taught several classes in basic and advanced origami. I love folding and at lectures, restaurants, and business meetings, you'll often find me folding whatever paper is at hand. I once left about 30 varying models from 3" paper at a hair dresser's. Please see my copyright information if you are interested in copying any of the things here.


Ever since noticing that the images from Bladerunner got so much recognition, I've wanted to do my own. The Bladerunner images can be found on Joseph Wu's site, listed below.

Off to War (1343 KB). - My first origami movie (animated gif). Starring Dot & Samurai Hat. It may take a bit to download, but it should make you smile. Instructions for folding the samurai hat can be found in many beginning books.

Egyptian Pyramid Builder (2396 KB). - My second origami movie (animated gif). Starring Dot & Tetrahedron. Instructions for folding the tetrahedron can be found in John Montroll's Origami Inside-Out, ISBN 0-486-27674-0. I'm figuring out how to hold the camera still, but now I've problems with lighting.

Dr. Seuss Origami (2118 KB). - My third origami movie (animated gif). Starring Dot & Spot. Special thanks to Daniel Choat (my best friend's eldest son) for giving me the idea. Instructions for folding the puppy can be found in the NIJI Origami Book, published by Yasutomo & Co.

Growing a Paper Rose (828 KB). - My fourth origami animated gif shows paper evolving into Kawasaki's Rose.

A Morning at the Playground (1489 KB). - My fifth origami animated gif stars Spot from Dr. Seuss Origami (above) and has a rabbit from Kunihiko Kasahara's Origami Made Easy playing on a modular by Tokomo Fuse from Unit Origami - Multidimensional Transformations. Have a Shockwave Flash Player plug-in? Try the animation duplicated in Flash (1472 KB). View the Flash one in a smaller window. I'm still learning Flash.

Jet Hunter (html). My sixth origami animation introduces Bret, Not Burt, the Legoman folding Paper Jet Number 3 in Origami Made Easy by Kunihiko Kasahara.

Bilbo and Smaug. My seventh origami animation, almost 5 years after the last one. This stars Tom Stamm's Dragon model, and is now video (that's 5 years technology change for you!).

How to Fold a Bird - Another flash animation, not mine, but very cool. This link leaves my site.

Some Things I've Folded

Kawasaki's Rose. - My first.
Kawasaki's Rose. - Miniature, one from 2" paper, and the other from 6" paper.

My Own Model

A couple years back, I finally crumpled (er folded) some paper into a design of my own that I was happy with. Here it is!

Pictures of my origami box and some variations. - This is what happens when you think you want to learn how to fold thirds.

Instructions to fold my origami box. - Try folding it from my diagram with easy to follow instructions.


Kawasaki's Rose - Additional Help. - Are you stumped trying to fold it? Here are details on some of the more complex folds.

Flatbed Scanning Your 3D Origami. - How to turn your flatbed scanner into a digital camera using an Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn box, Post-It note, scotch tape, 4 sci-fi novels, and a blanket.

What is Origami Good For? - Practical reasons to learn to fold paper.

A picture of my basic origami class at Evecon, January 2000. - At the end of this class, we each folded one of Tomoko Fuse's turtles (modular pieces) so we could assemble it and put it in the convention's art show. In the advanced class, we were a bit too busy folding Tom Stamm's dragon to take pictures.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page. - The best of origami on the web can be found here. This link leaves my site.

Origami USA. - This is where I like to get my paper. It's nice to be able to order 500 sheets of 3 inch paper. 3 inch paper is wonderful to carry in your purse for those special moments waiting in a restaurant for food, stuck in stopped traffic, or to entertain your best friend's eldest son while your best friend is with the doctor with her youngest son. This link leaves my site.

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