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Bret, not Burt, the Legoman
Tom Stamm's Dragon

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Cast Interview: Bret, not Burt, the Legoman

Interviewer: We're here today with Bret, not Burt, the Legoman, who is the famous star from the origami animation Jet Hunter. So, Bret, congratulations on starring in another origami animation!

Bret: Thank you! It was a blast!

Interviewer: What would you say was the best part?

Bret: Some people might think it was the ring of invisibility, but the crew kept bumping into me because I kept forgetting to take it off between shoots. I had a great time between shots climbing on the stalagmites, though.

Interviewer: It looked like you had some help there in the middle. Who was that?

Bret: The second cousin of someone important, I think. He mostly hung out in the shadows drinking beer out of one of the treasure chalices. Those were real gold. Theft off the set was a real problem toward the end.

Cast Interview: Tom Stamm's Dragon

Interviewer: Hello, Dragon! So this was your debut in the origami animation world. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Dragon: I'm an elusive origami model, fairly complex to fold. I have my very own book that's just about me, published in 1993 by Tom Stamm. I hear copies are hard to come by. There's a picture of the book here:

Interviewer: Weren't you a bit concerned about the fire? You are made of a single sheet of paper, after all.

Dragon: (laughing) Dragons are always immune to their own fire. But I wouldn't let anyone near me with a torch.

Interviewer: What would you suggest for viewers who really liked the movie?

Dragon: Ah, yes. I was warned that question was coming. I have the answer right here. (shuffling through cue cards) I highly recommend supporting the producer so she can continue to host her website, by purchasing something from her. (putting away the cue cards) Of course, if you're broke like the rest of us, just send the video link to your friends and go poke around her website Cattail.Nu. Just between you and me, there's a lot of really cool stuff there.

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