What is Origami good for?

Of course there's a number of fine educational and artistic uses for origami. I present practical uses here for the average person.

Conversation Openers

Hey, check out this cool biplane I folded.
Would you like to see how to turn that paper into a rocket ship?
I made this flower special for you.

Conversation Fillers

Would you like to see how to fold a pyramid as long as we're waiting for our food to arrive?
You don't need to apologize for being late; I've been folding this star.
Do you think I can fold a lobster before the Motor Vehicle Association representative calls our number?

Conversation Closers

Here, why don't you take this turtle I made with you as you leave. If you take it now, you wont forget.
Why don't you take that paper boat home to show your kids? If you hurry, they wont be asleep before you get home.
These little birds make excellent decorations for your car's dashboard. If you go now, you can put this one on yours.


Gift decorations - You'll never need to buy another bow for a wrapped present again.
Meeting and lecture activity - You need never be bored again at long meetings or lectures.
Restaurant tips - Folded money, money in folded boxes, and money with origami figures are all quite memorable.

Visitor Matthew Sly adds: Astound the one you love with a bouquet of 100 Kawasaki Roses. He says, "The effect was overwhelming." and I'll bet it was!

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