Undertaker's Diary

Being in the main a spot to
showcase thoughts, preview
upcoming updates, explain
rules changes, and ask a few
rhetorical questions...

From the Statement of Intent

1) To present Wraiths in much the same way that they were before.

2) To simplify some matters, both in keeping with the new rules and on reflection of the old.

3) To change the previous backdrop of the game.

4) To bring in a renewed sense of mystery, danger and dread.

5) To keep the angle of passion and horror that made the Wraith: the Oblivion the great game it was, and still is.

6) To keep the Shadow, in spite of all the changes.

7) To keep the hope!!!

~ 5/5/2005 ~

"Make sure to send a lazy man the angel of death."


* Additions:

Concords - Haunters

I've tried to present them as sick, but sick with a purpose, as opposed to just being evil and mean for its own sake. The fact that they look forward to the day when they can be full of Angst and fall through the Barrier, into the waiting arms of Mania, is a scary one. But who knows? Maybe they really are right...

Numina - Decay and Fate

Fate was a challenge to pull off, the way I envisioned it. I'm still not 100% sure that the solution I've presented to (1) keep it mysterious, and (2) keep it from being too powerful is the best solution, but we'll see. As for Decay, that's pretty straightforward, and I'm sure long-time Wraith fans will find the Easter Eggs.

As a rider to the Haunters, above, I'm sorry that I don't have Fear, itself, presented to go in context with the Concord that uses it the most. Fear, Kinesis and Regis have their Paths, Basic Arts and Arts mapped out, they just need to be written up. And even without the mechanics that's a time-consuming process.

Mechanics - Essence and Deathtypes

Yes, I was very lazy this month and Essence and Deathtypes are all I managed to crank out. Ossification just need some codification and I can have it out in June, though. Hopefully.


* Corrections:

I discovered that a number of pages for the Pardoners Concord had their "back" buttons aimed somewhere else. Du'oh! Fixed that.


* Concerns:

Character Creation: Still pondering if they can take Uncommon Numina, even without being in the Concord that uses it, and having 2 - 3 dots per dot, rather than one. Thoughts? Ideas? Zen Giraffe?

Concept: No real posers this month, as I've been too busy busting out the words to wonder where they're all falling.


* Previews:


The first time a Wraith suffers Ossification, one die is lost from all Physical rolls. The second time, one die is lost from all mental rolls. The third, a further die is lost from all physical and mental rolls, and this happens with each subsequent Ossification.

If a Wraith's Ossification should ever equal her highest physical stat, she's paralyzed. If a Wraith's Ossification should ever equal her highest mental stat, she's both paralyzed and catatonic, at which point the Wraith is said to have Ossified.

{Or should that be lowest? And should you be able to make a 'hail mary' roll if you have no Stat dice in this case? Plus, how mean do we really want to be, here?}

Symptoms of Ossification can take the form of: gray cobwebs, restrictive bandages, chains, madhouse restraints, bondage gear, or just having your skin turn gray. As it gets worse, the wraith's skin seems to turn to flaky, gray stone or off-white marble in patches that seem to grow, and recede, as one watches them. A completely Ossified Wraith looks like a statue covered in stone cobwebs, bandages, or restraints.


* To Do: A metric fuckload. Ieeeeeee!

~ 3/5/2005 ~

~ 4/5/2005 ~