~ 4/5/2005 ~

"Make sure to send a lazy man the angel of death."


* Additions:

Concords - Pardoners

I'm imagining them as a cross between Rutger Hauer from Split Second and any driven, near-homicidal padre from any Western you'd care to name. There's a reason they call them "Shotgun Priests."

Numina - Embody and Shaping

Embody turned out to be a challenge, and I decided to make it "special." We'll see if it winds up being the only special one before we're through. Shaping was a treat, though a number of Arts changed places and Paths before it was over {and the matter of Essence and Mortals remains for another time}

Mechanics - Backgrounds, Consorts and Haunting

Feedback is requested, especially in terms of Haunting for Essence.


* Corrections:

I realized that a number of rolls in the Shadows section had folks rolling their Willpower. We don't do that, anymore! *smacks self* Those parts have now been fixed.

I also clarified how much you can drag off an Anchor via Proximity.


* Concerns:

Character Creation: Still pondering if they can take Uncommon Numina, even without being in the Concord that uses it, and having 2 - 3 dots per dot, rather than one. Thoughts?

Concept: JL Williams - our Husk-meister - asked what "genre" W:tA is. Fucked if I know. Horror and Passion? Most certainly, but I don't know whether that's a genre or just a mood. I think this is going to be a Fly By The Butt kind of deal, and that seems to be working.


* Previews:

Wraith Society is: Local, Decentralized, Fractured. {But how is it that there's the Concords and the rituals in most Necropoli if Wraiths don't get around, much? Is it all the Believers' fault? Ferrymen? Something else...?}

Magistrates (Zilach, to the Order} are the ones who enforce the Rule of Four, and go after those who will not pay. If the payment's from someone from another Concord, the Magistrate from the one owed comes out on the Game of Houses night and calls out a Magistrate from the one owing. They discuss the matter, and wait for the owed and ower to pass by. The matter is then settled, one way or another.


Wraiths and Essence:

Wraiths gain Essence from -

  • Anchors {their own, or others}
  • Scaring the living
  • Taking it from others, living or not
  • Absorbing it when distilled

Wraiths spend Essence to -

  • Keep Going {too much like Vampire?}
  • Fuel Numina and certain Affinities
  • Heal Quickly


* To Do: Need rules on Death Type drawbacks {CHECK}, Essence {CHECK}, Ossification.

Did I say, last month, something about going full-bore on Wraithly Society? Here comes the Angel of Death now...