~ 3/5/2005 ~


* Additions:

Affinities - Passion Sense

Passion Sense added into Affinities to make the Basic Art of Shaping more "biting" than simple detection/quantification.

Numina - Group Casting

Makes sense that they'd be able to. Tried to keep it from being twinked a'la The Ten Thousand Ghost Curse or some such.


* Concerns:

Numina: Coming up with the descriptions of the Arts is proving to be daunting at times. Should I say that all Numen have three paths, or allow for some to have one, two or four, thus giving the possibility for "lost" Paths to pop up at some juncture?

Also, should I allow for Rituals? This would give it more mystery and add some utility. Might explain why The Order can be up on the top, and why they go out of their way to venerate the old Gods. Might also go winky on me, and then we have to ask why there just can't be Numina, Crossover Arts or Tempered Arts that do it. {or maybe Tempered Arts are "Rituals"...?}

Character Creation: Maybe they can take Uncommon Numina, even without being in the Concord that uses it, but it costs 2 - 3 dots per dot, rather than one?

Concept: Had one person tell me that Awakening is just Oblivion with a few name changes. I disagree, but I wonder if this is because I'm seeing more of the picture that's still concealed, and not written out, or if I'm being stubborn. Will have to wait and see on that one {and hope for more critiques and feedback}


* Previews:

Wraith Society is: Local, Decentralized, Fractured. {But how is it that there's the Concords and the rituals in most Necropoli if Wraiths don't get around, much? Is it all the Believers' fault? Ferrymen? Something else...?}

While those adept at Shaping can fashion anything desired from a Wraith's Corpus, or their own, one thing they rarely ever have cause to make are masks. In a society that places great importance on being who and what you say you are, wearing a disguise of any kind is considered to be very bad form. Masks can also impede the use of various Affinities, thus making it more difficult to judge another's motives, or tell if someone's in Catharsis, or Damned...


Wraiths and Essence:

Wraiths gain Essence from -

  • Anchors {their own, or others}
  • Scaring the living
  • Taking it from others, living or not
  • Absorbing it when distilled

Wraiths spend Essence to -

  • Keep Going {too much like Vampire?}
  • Fuel Numina and certain Affinities
  • Heal Quickly


* To Do: Need rules on Death Type drawbacks, Consorts {CHECK} and Essence.

Should also run full-bore with getting Ghostly Society done for next month, if possible, along with one or two more Concords. And more Numina!

Mortal/Wraith interactions in general need to be covered, though dealing with Projectors is going to have to wait, along with Antagonists.