Wraith: the Arising


J. Edward Tremlett and Chris Jackson

with art by

Taz Jurs and Lost Soul

This is a "patch" designed to make player character Wraiths in the new World of Darkness. When the patch is completed, players will have a combination of: the new ghost rules; the old rules and some of the backdrop from W:tO 2nd ed; some of the backdrop and innovations from Orpheus and Exalted: the Abyssals; and a new imagining of the world of the dead for the World of Darkness.

The patch's rules are based on the new rules for Ghosts, as given in The World of Darkness. However, they depart from the text in order to present Ghosts as more than just antagonists, as well as to give them more freedom than they're currently granted. The broad outlines of the new ghosts will be turned into fully-formed, playable characters, complete with templating for mortal {or other} characters who die and can't completely let go of their lives.

What's New in February?

* Added to Concords

* Added to Mechanics
      Damage and Healing


Chapter I: Dead to the World

Chapter II: Dead Society

Character Creation





Character Sheet

Undertaker's Diary

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