The Kinesis Numen delivers pretty much what it says it does: motion, both harmful and benign. It can be used to increase a Wraith's speed and range of motion, and it can be used to slap the Living and the Dead around without laying a finger upon them. Likewise, it can be used to pick things up and move them by force of will alone.

Masters of the Numen say that it teaches the Wraith to intertwine her will and body into one seamless thing. When in this unified state, what might have seemed impossible before becomes quite possible - perhaps easy. If it could have been imagined, it can - with time - be done, in spite of the Wraith's physical limitations.


When using Kinesis, there is a marked tendency for a Wraith to have a 'double image': a shimmering reflection of herself that slides behind, or ahead, as she punches, runs, picks up and throws. This double is known as "The Layer," for some esoteric reason, and may represent the Wraith's ideal self in some way.

While it looks incredibly cool - and a bit intimidating - there are times when a Wraith doesn't want to have it seen. For example, if she wanted to slug someone from a distance and not have them know it was her, the Layer becomes a handicap. Fortunately, it can be hidden by spending 1 extra Essence per use of Kinesis.

Some Wraiths do not have Layers present, though this is exceedingly rare. And when the Damned use this Numen - as they are wont to do - they never seem to manifest a Layer. Perhaps there is some connection, but no one wants to ask too many questions in that direction for obvious reasons.

As Kinesis is "common," no group holds a monopoly upon it, or complete antipathy towards it. The Pardoners warn their flocks not to overdo the Path of Fury, as its use is known to strengthen the Shadow, and The Order warns against spectacular uses of the Path of Motion. But no Concord would seek to ban it completely, given how useful a tool it can be.



Kinesis has three recognized Paths:

The Path of Fury is the dark standard by which this Numen is often misjudged. It allows Wraiths to turn their anger into kinetic energy, and direct that energy towards others - often with painful results. The Spooks who use this Path are happy to sell their services, but they aren't known for their subtlety. And since its use causes the Shadow to gain power, they aren't cheap, either.

The Path of Speed, on the other hand, is relatively harmless - or so the Slipstreaks like to say. The Path teaches the secret to manipulating speed: increasing or decreasing it on a person, or even a place. Slipstreaks are also known to be in two places at once, somehow, but how could anyone keep track of such a thing...?

The Path of Motion belongs to the Poltergeists, who use it to move objects by force of will in the lands of the Living and the Dead. As their name suggests, they use it to toss things around - by the one or by the dozen - and create whirlwinds of objects. They can also build "bodies" for themselves out of bits and pieces


Those Who Know

Wraiths who came to their ends due to Happenstance or Violence can have an Affinity for this Numen, seeing as how action brought about those ends. Many like to say that those who died by Violence gravitate towards the Path of Fury, and cultivate an understanding of some of the more... baroque Combination Arts. But that's just a stereotype, surely.


They say that there is no limit to how much a Wraith's fury can be tapped to wreak havoc, via the Path of the same name. Of course, the damage to the Wraith's soul might be horrific, but they say that if you get mad enough - to the point where you just don't care anymore - it can be a terrifying thing. An entire city might pay the price for a dead man's rage.

There's also rumors going around about people who Speeded their way out of existence - at least, as Wraiths reckon it. "One minute they were there, and then they were gone." Did they make it through the Barrier? Or did something get them? {The term "speed demon" makes the rounds, every so often}

They also say that the Wraith's Layer can be impeded or trapped by a superior opponent. It can perhaps even be removed, which might leave the Wraith unable to use the Numen ever again. No one has seen this happen, of course. But people do talk...

Basic Art

* Object in Motion

The first step along the paths of Kinesis requires a Wraith to reach out with either her body or mind, exert a tiny influence on a small object, and move it a short distance. This can be done in both the Live and Dead worlds, and can be used on an object some distance away so long as the Wraith can see it. This Art can also be used to "freeze" the motion of something, so that it won't fall or move, but only in the Deadlands.

System: To move an object, the Wraith's Intelligence + Dexterity + Kinesis must be rolled. Essence need not be spent if the Wraith physically reaches out to "touch" the object, but if it's some distance away - or the Wraith does not wish to reach for it - 1 Essence must be spent.

Success is based on how much the object weighs, and how far the Wraith wishes to move it. One success moves one pound one inch, two successes would either move a one-pound object for two inches, or a two-pound object for one inch, and so on.

If the Wraith wishes to hold something in place in the Deadlands, she must make an Intelligence + Stamina + Kinesis roll, and spend 1 Essence. The object cannot have a size larger than the Wraith's Essence Pool, and will stay suspended until the allotted time runs out, or the Wraith pulls it down, herself.

Each success increases how long the object is kept motionless: one is an hour, two is a day, three is a week, four is a month, and five is year. An Exceptional Success keeps it there permanently, or until the Wraith pulls it down.

Path of Fury

Path of Speed

Path of Motion

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