Path of Speed

idontknowwhereigowheni'mgoing. ijustknowthatimmovingandthenimthere. sometimesiloseentiredaystothespeed. sometimesithinkitsallhappeningnow.


The Path of Speed is all about swiftness: running faster, leaping farther, and controlling everyone else's ability to do the same. At some point, one's mastery of speed allows one to appear somewhere else so fast that they appear out of nowhere, and even to be two places at once. But are they really in two places at the same time, or just sped ahead {or sideways?} in time, itself...?

No one but the Slipstreaks can say for sure, and talking to a Slipstreak about what she can do makes for a surreal experience. Their Arts make their comprehension of the world hard to follow, at times. The Layer seems to connect them somewhere else - somewhere just out of sight - and they often think they're running, even when they're standing perfectly still...

When in motion, the Layer of a Wraith using the Arts of Speed flies both ahead and behind them, making for a continuous, outlining loop of shimmering energy. When they're affecting the speed of others, that outline spreads out to cover the people, or the area, being affected.



** Long Stride:

This Art lets the Wraith increase her speed and trajectory - moving faster than she should, leaping higher and generally outperforming those around her. She is also able to perform actions involving manual dexterity faster, in effect getting more actions per turn.


*** Speeding:

The Wraith can now do unto others, extending her control over speed to another. She can give any effects of ** Long Stride to another, or reverse the process and make them slower, and take away their actions. The only limit is that she cannot use ** Long Stide on herself while her concentration is elsewhere.


**** Speed Zone:

A further fillip on *** Speeding, the Wraith can affect the speed over everyone and everything within a certain area. She can take away from some and give to others, should she care to, but this is more costly and difficult to achieve. This also shares the same limitation as *** Speeding, in regards to the Wraith giving herself more actions while giving or taking from others.


***** Bilocation:

The Wraith now has control over speed to the extent that she can "teleport" somewhere else, almost instantly, so long as she's been there before. Onlookers might chance to see her Layer streaking through the landscape, but those who have this Art will always feel someone using it, nearby.

The Art has a further power: the ability to be in two or more places at once. It's almost as though one had gained extra turns, only each turn is performed by a different "copy." Such a feat is costly, and performing all actions simultaneously proves to be difficult, and if the Wraith suffers horrible damage while using this Art she might collapse back into one place rather violently.