Path of Motion

Oh, come on - didn't you ever dream of juggling antique vases when you were a little kid? It's easy - you just think about it, and you're doing it... and adding in a fruit bowl... a beer bottle... the family cat...

Oops. Well, maybe that was one counterweight too many.

Shame about the vases. I was looking forward to his face when he came in and saw that.

A balm to those who like to move things about without Manifesting, the Arts of the Path of Motion Poltergeists tend to be a fun-loving lot, quite removed from the bloody-minded portrayal they get in the popular press. There might be cause to scare the living crap out of some Skinbag who needs it, but there's no need to go to harmful lengths to do it.



The Difference Between

So what's the difference between Fury and Motion, if used in the Deadlands? The answer is the outcome.

Fury can be used to hold something back, but more often than not it's releasing angry energy in the form of damaging kinetic blows. Motion, on the other hand, could be used to harm someone, but does not necessarily have to be so.

Storytellers are within their rights to charge Tainted Essence to those Wraiths who use the Path of Motion to make clouds of glass shards and send them flying at small children, or anything equally sick and gruesome.

The Layer often extends away from the Wraith, creating phantom hands that pick up the objects in the Liveworld or Deadlands. When using ***** Broken Body, the Layer reaches out tendrils to scoop up the objects and tether them to the Wraith's outline, so she is seen to be sandwiched under a layer of junk.


** Pick Up:

Building upon the Basic Art of the Numen, this Art lets the Wraith manipulate, lift, push and throw objects with a greater degree of strength and control. So long as the Wraith could push, pull or pick up the object in life - or in death - she can do it here, too.

Meanwhile, in the Deadlands, the Wraith can use this Art to move something by remote. The Layer slips away, picks up the object and does what the Wraith desires.


*** Ghostly Hands:

Seen as a "shortcut" to Manifestation, the Layer of the Wraith enters the Liveworld and allows her to affect things as though she were there. This has the added advantage of being unseen while doing it, except by the dead.

When used in the Deadlands, the Layer forms a double of the Wraith, which slides away from her body and acts as her, elsewhere. This works fine, long as the Wraith can see what's going on, which makes fine manipulation from a distance highly difficult.


**** Furious Flurry:

The obvious source of the poltergeists' name, this Art lets a Wraith handle several objects at once. It can be as simple as a "juggling act" of vases, or a cloud of paperclips, kitchen utensils or plastic toys.

This also lets the Wraith push, lift and throw something that's much too heavy for her to do so normally, as though she'd grown several extra hands of equal strength. Only one object at a time can be acted upon in this fashion.

This Art can be used in both the Liveworld and Deadlands.


***** Broken Body:

Yet another "shortcut" to Manifestation, the Wraith reaches out with her mind - and Layer - and makes a simulacrum of herself using nearby objects in the Liveworld. This lets her interact with that world as though she were there, and she can "build up" her statistics by absorbing objects that would add to her Strength, Dexterity and Stamina. {Conversely, building a body out of, say, tissue paper would reduce her effective levels.}