Crossover Arts

{With thanks to JL Williams for some cool ideas}



{Prerequisite Arts, ** Hard Shove, ** Long Stride}

Many times, the Wraith's Layer follows behind or just ahead of the Wraith, but this shows how a Wraith can be pulled along by it. The Art lets a Wraith land a blow - or a tap - on a far-off target by being yanked along by the Layer, left standing right before the target. Alternatively, the Wraith can use this Art to "duck out" of combat by landing a blow and then being jerked some distance away.


Long Reach

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Swift Punch, *** Ghostly Hands}

Deadlands weapons won't normally work on those in the Liveworld, but this Art makes that possible. The Layer wraps around the weapon, as well as the Wraith who carries it, and she can then strike the living without having to Manifest.

This Art can also be used to strike Deadlands targets who are far from the weapon's range. The Layer makes an echo of the weapon reach out towards the target.


Inertial Failure

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Speeding, *** Ghostly Hands}

This rather spectacular - and painful - Art lets a Wraith fine-tune her control over motion. For example, she could stop a car without stopping the passengers, too, resulting in said passengers flying through the window. Alternatively, she could make a stopped car suddenly be going 180 MPH, with disastrous results for the passengers.


Hundred-Handed Punch

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Whirlwind, **** Speed Zone}

Whirlwind normally lets a Wraith get a handful of small 'taps' on a target. This Art lets the Wraith exploit the art to its full potential, and score a number of full-strength blows on the target, without having to re-roll for each one.


Cloud of Death

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Whirlwind, **** Furious Flurry}

A Wraith could use Whirlwind to create a cloud of flying steak knives. However, if she's not in a well-stocked kitchen, what does she do if she wants to severely hurt her opponent? She can use this Art to make even the most "harmless" objects deliver lethal damage: paperclips, thumbtacks and toys all act like bladed weapons when charged with this Art, which gives Tainted Essence for each use.


Guided Hate

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Whirlwind, **** Speed Zone, **** Furious Flurry}

The power of hate is a terrifying thing. A Wraith can use this Art to make a launched or shot object become 'hate seeking': zeroing in on a target and following her wherever she might go. Worse, this works in both the Live and Dead worlds simultaneously, creating who knows how much damage before the target is finally struck.