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"Welcome! What dementia would you care to subject your mind to today?"


Picture of My Origami Box.
How to Fold My Origami Box.
Flatbed Scanning Your 3D Origami.
What is Origami Good For?

Off to War (1343 KB). - Animated gif.
Egyptian Pyramid Builder (2396 KB). - Animated gif.
Dr. Seuss Origami (2118 KB). - Animated gif.


Learn to design, write, and run a 3-day LARP.
Nature Page
Poison Ivy Tutorial
Improve your Typing

The Ten Worst Things About Spam.
T Loves Ingi MMB.
My attempts at banners.

An Egyptian Style Web Page Navigator (uses graphics and JavaScript).
An Animated Angel.

Visitor's Corner

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About the Story
Story Index
James and the Missing Space Station
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Ancient Anguish

Ramblings about Ancient Anguish.
Information on Jerusalem's Code Generator.
Quest Help by an Ancient Anguish Arch.
A Picture of a Puffin.
Ancient Anguish's Home Page.

My Writings

The Spiral Thought - An essay about self destruction. (1336 words)
The Healer - What happens when you discover you have the magical power to heal? (13864 words)
Trade - A mysterious girl is stranded at an amusement park. (4693 words)

Other Links

Scarecrazy's Home Page.
Joseph Wu's Origami Page.
One of My Favorite Sites.

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