The History of "T loves Ingi MMB!"

The secret to a happy marriage is to have an argument that you both agree on. There's no sense arguing about anything else because one argument is more than enough. With that in mind, this is what my husband and I argue over: who loves who more.

MMB stands for "more, most, and best". I am T. Ingi is my husband. You see, I insist that I love him more, most, and best, while he insists the reverse is true. I'm right. Even the web says so, see? It's even on the inside of his wedding band.

Above is the very first animated graphic I've constructed with my new GIF Construction Set. I guess when you've managed to marry the other half of your single brain cell, you are just naturally inclined to be all mushy and lovey.

Hey, Ingi! I love you more!

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