Seeking the Keys

Pt. V: Liquid Madness


Cowboy Ghostie

Days later, Will crept through a dark alley, trying to be silent. It was time for him to report in. Will stepped over one of the "sleeping" roamers and gave it a look of disgust while avoiding the pool of drooled plasm.

They're absolutely hideous, every last one of them, he thought in distinct annoyance, keeping silent as he was not wanting to disturb his so-called brethren. Razor could have at least put some design into it other than just "killing-machine"...

He'd been amazed just how many "children" Razor had gathered, but he supposed that was the way of it: power meant survival after all... Still, Will thought, he wouldn't want to wake them, once they began to slumber. It just didn't sound like a bright idea.

So where is he? A quiet, slightly frightened question from Casper.

I don't know... inside somewhere? Will kept moving through them, going slowly towards the blackened doorway in the back. ... Don't want to make any noise without him here to watch these beasts.

One of the larger ones snorted loudly and rolled over in slumber, claws twitching. Will froze and stared at it. Disgusting thing...

Wonder what it's dreaming about... ?
A inane whisper from his other half.

Will frowned deeply and replied a little nervously as he started moving again: Who cares... probably about shredding something.

And if you're wrong?

You're Insane. That's all I'm going to say.

The big Twitcher moved as Casper laughed at him, edgy laughter on the verge of tears, but then, he always sounded like that: So what if I'm crazy? What would you care... traitor.

Traitor?! What in the blazes of hell are you talking about...?
Almost a mental shout as Will's temper flared, but Casper only laughed at him - a disturbingly disconnected edge to the sound after a moment or so.

As will reached the door he paused - glancing back at those he passed - shook his head and disappeared into the darkness, feeling his way along the wall with his hand, his ego prickling slightly at the continued taunting.

A warm current of air flowed against him as he moved through the darkness, the low light showing little beyond the walls and the strewn trash. As he moved deeper his ears picked up vague sounds: a faint conversation reaching his ears as he slowed to a halt, knowing better than to interrupt.

"I won't run this ship aground with your foolishness, Peter... You will answer to me if you stray too far from our destination."

"You don't seem to get it, Razor. What happened up there was just dangerous!" This voice seemed frustrated.

A low growl, then Razor's dangerously amused voice: "... and Danger disturbs you, Cub?"

"No! No... danger does not disturb me... " The second voice, eager to assure that he wasn't afraid although it was clear he was: "What would you do, let it fall into their hands?"

"It will not fall, we will not Fail-" A crash of glass against the wall and Will jumped, slinking further back into the shadows of the hallway as the owner of the second voice backed away from Razor coming into view. The doppleganger's form was normal, almost too normal, but his expression was a frightened snarl.

Quickly taking note of his features, Will retreated into a doorway, putting his hand on the light switch, just in case he had to get out of there in a hurry.

Casper chuckled amusedly in the back of his mind, Now who's afraid of the big bad wolf... The psyche's voice taking on a singsong timbre before he broke out laughing again.

Oh, Shut Up! Will scowled, You've lost it entirely. Shape up or at least be Quiet! Glancing around the corner of the doorway, trying to ignore Casper and pay attention to Razor, as the exchange had continued while he was distracted.

"... and I intend to find the others, Peter. They will all be mine, and I will unlock their power... "

"Razor, honored one... please, this isn't something anyone is going to be able to control-"

"You would know this... how?! This will win the war forever, there won't be a war anymore... Don't you want that, Peter?"

Razor's voice was angry, almost a shout, he seemed on the verge of disowning one of his disobedient children. Will was glad he wasn't Peter - very, very glad he wasn't Peter.

Casper continued his maddened hijinks and Will tried to ignore him. Watch out when he speaks, he may just blow our house down... no wait, it burned... nevermind! At least Casper seemed cheerful, if you could ignore the 'Stark Raving Mad' part...

Will just ignored him for the most part and listened as Razor continued his tirade. Peter remained silent, proving that he, at least, has some wits about him still.

"This war needs to end, it makes no sense, even they know that. They fight their own fallen and call themselves upholders of the light." A disgusted noise as Razor came into view, closing on the unfortunate Peter.

"We fall to madness every day and no-one cares, we're Nothing... but this... this is an opportunity I cannot pass up... " Long elongated fingers wrapped around the doppleganger's jawline to hold him tightly, talons breaking the skin of Peter's corpus...

The doppleganger stood still, no doubt praying to any gods he had left that Razor wasn't that angry with him. A long moment passed as Razor stared angrily at him, passing as his expression changed to that of pained regret, wrapping him up in his arms for a moment.

"You test me, Cub... " Then he released him, slowly: "For your own sake, do not do it again... "

Peter attempted to hide just how frightened he'd been, a shocked silence before he dared to speak again. "H-honored one, Razor... I don't understand this... " Lowering his head, a shaking hand visible as he crossed himself.

"Nor will they... You may go." All the anger was gone out of the words.

Peter took his dismissal with something approaching relief and fled into the darkened corridors, Will waited an appropriately long amount of time before creeping towards the room Razor claimed as his own...

He crept into the room, glancing around silently... Razor was perched lazily on a draped chair, one leg up and the other down, staring meditatively at the cross unlit above them both.

"Razor... " Will ducked into a quick bow, quite hesitant about being here after all that...

It was a moment before he responded, eyes drifting down to find him voice lighting in what was almost a purr: "William, young cub... it's good to see you, how goes your travels...?"

The spectre was deceptively lazy, and Will didn't trust him one bit.

"They go well... although I find my shackles attract too much attention... " Will kept his voice low, respectful, as his eyes wandered around the room. Taking quiet note again of the symbols that surrounded him, it seemed not only Christian, but all things Holy were represented somewhere amidst the clutter.

You would have fit right in, once upon a time... A comment for Casper, who was babbling about the three little pigs still.

"Too much attention... of what sort?" Razor inclined his head lazily, then gestured him closer to take his hand, pulling it closer to run a talon along the shackle, tracing the strange ridges scrutinously.

"A... Pardoner took note of them and demanded to know what it was. I... left him to sleep it off in the alley." Will kept his voice hesitant.

"To sleep... " A knowing tone as Razor gave him a feral smile: "Perchance to dream?"

The spectre grabbed his other wrist with a suddenness that belied his earlier demeanor, talons digging the flesh. Will gasped as he was yanked to his knees.

"You've talent, Cub. Guard your past closely if you wish to keep your powers."

Razor kept his words short and succinct as he ripped into his corpus to twist it into a new shape, another shackle, to match the first.

It was done after a moment and Will blinked up at him as he was released... "They're decorative... remember that much." A talon brushed back his hair: "Tell no-one where and what it came from, if you value your soul... " A whispered warning...

"Now go, Cub, I've plans for you if you prove yourself worthy... "

That was a quick dismissal... Will knew, however, why that was so short, and as he slipped quietly out of the hive Casper's babbling slowed, coming again to silence.