Seeking the Keys

Pt. IV: Visionary


Cowboy Ghostie

Disappearing into the shadows is an easy task, it's not becoming one that is going to be the problem... these thoughts crossed his mind as he slipped into the shadows near the church, gazing up at the steeples. A backdrop of violent yellow clouds illuminated the skeletal cross. It seemed to be made of metal bones.

A long time passed just staring upwards, mesmerized by the shifting clouds. The sight brought doubts to his mind and a shiver to his soul as he pondered the unfortunates forced into such sacrilege. What had their crimes been? Did they truly deserve such a fate, or were they like him? Guilty until proven innocent...

Will glanced down, unable to bear the sight anymore. It figured he would be standing here, forced into this so very soon. He wasn't strong enough, and it was a long shot he'd really make it.

"Beautiful, or disturbing?" The voice, hard, cold and unyielding, broke into his thoughts as he was trying to think of an acceptable response.

Will almost jumped at the voice, turning his head and catching a glimpse of a ragged silhouette. Several things went through his mind as the figure continued its approach, but he said none of them.. A moment of silence passed before it became clear that a response was required.

"Depends on who you ask. I... find it quite disturbing, to be honest.."

"Does your lord and god frighten you, child?" The fellow tilted his head questioningly..

"No" ... his children do. "...his children do."

Will blinked at the echo, said almost at the same time, but unable to pay too much attention to Casper at this point. "Especially when they commit such crimes against him.."

So very many... He gestured upwards, turning an angry gaze away from the would-be priest, he saw the man's collar now white against the darkness of his clothes.

Nothing is right... nothing is ever right anymore... Will wasn't sure what Casper was babbling about, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know, his other half hadn't made much sense in a great while.

But... don't be angry with him, he'll look. Will paused and quietly took back his previous thought... Casper made sense, just not all the time.

A dramatic sigh for the pardoner's benefit: "What do you wish of me... Priest." His voice carried none of the anger or scorn that came before.

"Only your attention..." The priest reached forward to grab Will's arm, probably hoping to cause him pain. Something about the man's eyes kept Will from pulling away. The priest's expression quickly turned to confusion, feeling the odd shackle still attached to his wrist.

"What the..." He stripped the sleeve from Will's shirt, touching the strange metal of the shackle: "What is this?"

Will closed his eyes... "I don't know.." Not really a lie, he thought; He didn't know what it was, only that it brought about his present condition.

The priest tugged at it... "Does it come off?"

"No..." Will winced putting his freehand on the priest's... "Please... leave it be."

The Pardoner looked at him, long and hard, and Will knew... This was it. He'd see, and it would be over.

Sleep... Will blinks, then stopped struggling.

Of course, he thought. Thank you, Casper... Sleep damn you, leave me in peace... The fear and resentment boiling within him lessened as he used it. The priest froze, staring at him, then starting to tumble...

Will caught him, and lay him down out of the way... he shouldn't be found 'till he woke. A peek into restless dreams showed nothing out of the ordinary, but he tweaked them a little anyways, making sure they were set to be unremarkable, perhaps a continuation of their conversation.

He sat back a moment, and just stared at the priest. He's not our enemy... but he'd kill us just the same.

I know... We... must go.
The voice was tired, but lacked the tinge of insanity it had carried in the weeks before.

What now...? asked Will, hoping for an answer with some kind of sense.

The voice sounded distressed.. Don't ask me... I don't know anything... Nothing more came, though he waited, slipping away from the sleeping priest and into the streets...

A glance at the stormwall proved disheartening, seeing another of his kind struck down... Possibly without reason, but then, he couldn't know. In a world of black and white there still existed gray, and red...

He saw Jess still leaning on the streetlamp, and stuck his hands in his pockets, trying to be nonchalant about the ripped sleeve and shackles. He glanced over, but looked down again.

If... you want a friend, do something for them, even if it's just listen... Casper's voice was still unsteady.

Will blinked, and wondered vaguely what brought this about... but then, that was for Casper to know, and him to find out...

You think I should... I wouldn't know how to approach him...

Don't worry about how, j-just do it.
A tremor in the voice.

Will frowned slightly and shook his head, glancing over at Jess again, and then walking over: swallowing and slipping a little closer, glancing up at the cloudy view Jess saw...

"Isn't it hard to see the stars?" Using a quiet voice, vaguely curious...

Jess ignored him, but when he didn't go away he looked again... giving Will an odd look. "You're a stubborn little brat aren't you... "

Like will cared..still he had to look good for his audience and sulked slightly before straightening. "I.. I'm just curious.."

"Right." Jess didn't say anything else, looking up again, but then glancing at him again... "Why do you think I'm looking at the stars?"

"I... uh..."

Then what are you looking... for? Came Casper's voice.

You Sure?

A calm certainty this time.

"If you're not looking at them... What are you looking for?" He peered upwards, a puzzled look crossing his youngish face.

The dreamer didn't say anything. He might have smiled, but Will wasn't looking, and when he looked back, Jess was looking at him, a bit shrewdly.

"Nothing you would understand..." he shook his head and turned away, looking upwards at the stars again..

"I wouldn't be sure of that..." Will smirked faintly and hopped up on a box by the wall, moving nimbly before settling down to look around curiously... Glancing at Jess when he turned back towards him.

"You..." It was clear Jess wasn't quite sure what to say, and was irritated by that fact: "You're confusing."

Will smiled cheerfully: "I'm good at that... but... I..." He hesitated for effect: "Seriously... what are you looking for... at... whichever?"

Jess was silent for a moment, then sighed and shook his head... "Patterns.."

Will blinked... "Oh, erm..."

He looked up again, but didn't say anything else... Okay, there goes the 'dreamer' vision I had of him, more of a scientist. The practicalist in him was pleased.


"I haven't looked, So I don't have anything to say..." Will kept his voice quiet, giving a cheerful smile: "But if i ever do, I'll tell you first."

Jess blinked, then snorted faintly, looking back up at the sky: "I'd appreciate it."

Above them both, the clouds continued to swirl, moving endlessly, and seemingly without reason. The yellow light they cast glinted off Will's shackle, tracing the strange ridges and silhouettes, moving with a purpose, though no-one saw...