Seeking the Keys

Pt. VI: Accident


Cowboy Ghostie

...I've plans for you if you prove yourself worthy....

Razor's words echoed in the silence of Will's mind. Plans? For Him.... The thought was more frightening than anything else he'd encountered thus far. He wasn't special, there wasn't anything powerful about him, nothing at all....

An aggravated sigh as he turned from watching some random wraiths gathered around, talking about the latest gossip. He didn't care about them - About the stupid drama-queens. He just wanted Safety, he wanted Survival.

You should care... Casper's voice, hesitant...

What, are we suddenly Reasonable again? Can't you make up your mind whether you're crazy or not?! You stupid whiny little dipshit...

A vague silence, and nothing more. Casper shut up. Good thing, too.

Will slid from the Nissan he was perched atop and struck off down the street, dark jeans rustling through the corroded streets. He needed something to do, something to get his mind off everything.

Light blue eyes looked around with a sharpness that belied their usual innocence, and fell upon the Pardoner from the other night.

Dammit! he thought, but he didn't run... Wouldn't do to act guilty, after all...

Did he see me? Oh yea, definitely. The man stared at him with intense scrutiny... or suspicion... he wasn't sure which...

Will forced a blink and a what-are-you-lookin-at expression, and just continued walking like nothing was wrong. Maybe he should think about changing his form again... too bad he couldn't do it himself.

Should... go hide somewhere... Somewhere Safe. A hesitant suggestion.

Brilliant! Just brilliant, Casper. And where would this wonderful Safe place be? Surely tell me, I'd like to know...

A soft whimper from his other half... then Nothing. Will blinked again at the oncoming pardoner and raised an eyebrow.

"What? You on something, dude...?" Had to stay in character, Ray would say stuff like that. After all it was certain Oblivion for him if they caught him. He was a "wild" spectre now... not a caged one, and he wasn't sure which he really preferred...

The Pardoner almost snarled at him and raised one blackened hand to point at him almost angrily, but his voice was tinged with uncertainty. "You... Why do I know you?"

"Me?" Will blinked and stopped, giving him a confused look, indeed: "Dude...I'm sorry... I've never seen you before in my... uh... life..."

He frowned for effect, blinking and dropping his eyes, then just shook his head. "Uhm..."

The pardoner looked at him solidly for a long time, then the hand dropped, and he muttered something about visions... Will glanced up at him a bit hesitantly, and tried to look innocent.

"Visions...?" He managed not to sound quite convinced the man was sane.

The fellow looked up at him, growled. "Yes, visions... Damn you... whoever you are."

Will wasn't going to volunteer his alias - that would be stupid. So he just gave him an odd look, raised an eyebrow and then moved slowly to go around the guy.

"You're not going anywhere until I get some answers..." A surprisingly strong hand dug into his arm.

"Ow!" Will's hands went immediately to the man's and he glared at him, subsiding a bit as he took no more action.

God Dammit, you are really turning into a pain in my ass. Okay, let's try it the Peaceful way first...

"What the hell, dude?!" In the crowd of skins and restless he couldn't act guilty, but if he didn't get away he was toast: "Let go of me, what in blazes do you want?"

"I want an answer, why the hell am I dreaming about you?!" The pardoner actually shook him...

Will stared as some runes he hadn't noticed before shifted along the man's face. Oracle as well?

"I have no idea! Why do you th-"

"Gentlemen." Both restless jumped at the voice - the volume not raised in the least, but still bearing the weight of a shout.

The voice seemed vaguely familiar to Will as he turned to look. Of all people, it was Jess.

He gave him a surprised look, then glanced from him to the Pardoner, looking just as bewildered as he felt.

"Mr Matthews... I was just... This guy, there's something odd about-"

"No excuses, Shane," Jess fixed the man with a cold hard stare Will hadn't guessed the man capable of, and slowly he backed down, letting Will go.

"I told you to stop harassing people with your Visions. You've been proven wrong before, don't make me do it again."

Will looked from Jess to the Pardoner apparently known as 'Shane' and back, swallowing an venturing an explanation: "Jess, I-"


At Jess' words he found voice gone and he blinked. What was he saying? Something was very odd. Maybe he'd better just be quiet and go along with it...

Shane blinked, licked his lips and gave Will a shrewd look, and slowly backed off. He disappeared into the shadows of his hat and blended into the alleyway under Jess' cold gaze...

A long moment passed before Jess turned to him.

"Don't mind him, he's not all there in the head, if you know what i mean..." Jess tapped his head a few times, then turned a little and walked. Will followed without thinking.

"It... uhm... I seem to attract weirdos like that. I'm sorry." Will put on an innocent sheepish smile and looked down.

"S'okay Ray... So, did you seriously mean what you said the other day?" A casual question, it seemed.

Will looked up and over at him, but paused before answering: "About the storm? Yea." He blinked and looked up a moment before looking back at Jess.

"You wouldn't consider leaving this 'lady' of yours to help me out... Would you?" The scientist just walked quietly, seemingly unconcerned whether he said yes or not.

Will blinked and didn't answer right away. Did he want real cover, or fake cover? The offer promised to be interesting and safer, but he wouldn't be able to make up excuses to go places.

Another blink and the decision was made, but it wouldn't do to be too eager: "Uhm... well..."

"Think about it." Jess smiled faintly then turned and started walking, Will shadowing his heelswithout a thought.

"Alright." A quiet, almost timid voice that surprised even Will.

They walked in silence for a long while, the scenery changing slowly as they moved further up-town. He noticed the change only when a Skin shoved in front of them dressed in a full business suit and tie.

The nameless man raised his briefcase to hail a taxi and whistled sharply, stepping out without looking. The resulting discord caused both restless to wince - the shrill honking of horns and screeching tires and obscenities at the man.

Will twitched at the dull crunch he heard, a glance as the fellow was thrown against the windshield and then rolled to the ground...

Jess had stopped. Will noticed this about the same time he noticed he wasn't walking anymore...

Skins were converging on the scene, one of them shouted "Where is he!" as traffic started to backup and get annoyed.

What do you mean, where is he? Will thought as he stared at the man, he looked battered and a little bloodied, but alright as he struggled to his feet.

The fellow moved, stumbling past the skins who were still yelling about him disappearing. It wasn't until he grabbed Will's arm for support that he realized: this was no Skin, this was a wraith.