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Update for February, 2006

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Wraith: the Beckoning {DOC}

Continuing a brand new look at death in the WOD 2.0.

by: Grim Jesta

Spectres Revised

The second part of an redoing of Oblivion's forces. This month: Striplings...

by: Mike Spera

New Spectre Types

Expanding on last month's Asphalts, we have Fly-The-Lights. Suffer the Children...

by: Kate Hix

The Nameless Horror We Call Love

A Look at Using Romantic Love as Horror in Wraith: the Oblivion

by: J. Edward Tremlett

These Private Complaints {Pt. III}

"Such trust is near and dear to our hearts."

What could I say? I reached into his chest and pulled it out...

by: J. Edward Tremlett

Ghost Story: An Independent Heart

I know this sounds like a sick joke... "psycho stalker 'ghostwrites' letters of dead boyfriend to grieving girlfriend..." or something like that.

Orpheus Pictureframe

"You oughta be in pictures, baby..."

A handy graphic for your in-Chronicle handouts.



Review: The Brief History of The Dead

Wraithwise, there's some interesting stuff in this book ... but those points of interest can't really make up for the drag of the narrative, or the horrible skew of its action. {2/5 Skulls}

by: J. Edward Tremlett

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