Spectres Revised


Mike Spera


For those of you who don't own Dark Reflections: Spectres and Doomslayers: Into The Labyrinth {you poor, poor souls} or for those of you who {like myself} cannot keep track of what caste has fetters, wraith Arcanos, or what Hive-Mind powers, I present unto you this revising and slight reworking of the spectres.

I don't want to frighten anyone or pull any punches here, so let me throw a few chips on the table now.

1) This is not an attempt to remake spectres into a WoD 2.0 version.

2) This is not an attempt to "fix" every single spectre caste {although a few of them do need modifications}.

3) This is not an attempt to blend spectres from Wraith, Orpheus, and Exalted and make something less cool, but could be used with all three games.

Part 1: The Crunchy Bits

Part 2: The Juicy Bits