A wise writer once wrote that storytelling is mankind's act of creation. We seek to emulate our creator by creating in turn. It's as close to Godhood as a humble mortal can get. The author has complete control over his creation, pulling on the strings of fate and fantasy to satisfy not only his need to tell a tale, but also, in a fashion, to come as close to godhood as possible. It is a tradition that has been passed down through various cultures for countless eons.

That's why we at the WFP are proud to present to you our GuildNovel series of fiction. In the act of telling these tales we satisfy two noble goals. Firstly it keeps the spirit of our game alive. And I say our game, because it is your game as much as it is mine. And secondly, it allows us, for a brief moment at least, to harness the strings of Fate and, for a brief moment, be something more than what we truly are. It allows us all, in a sense, to be creators ourselves.

But what happens when one realizes that one has no control over one's fate at all? What if you found that you were only a character in some great cosmic play yourself? How would you feel? How would you react? That is the question that our first GuildNovel struggles to answer.

GuildNovel: Oracles. What would you do if your fate was no longer your own?