Part Three: Shamblin' Man

The Shamblin' Man is a selection of pre-generated zombies Storytellers can copy-paste into their games when necessary.

All unlisted Attributes have scores of two.


Drones are the most basic of zombies, uncontrolled and mindless, sometimes re-enacting dim memories. Drones are the most basic of zombie servants, abysmally stupid and suicidally obedient.

The servants created by the Burakumin (see Convocation of Hotoke, Vampire: the Requiem. pg. 252) are counted as Drones. Drones have the following abilities and advantages.

Brawl: Bite Down 2

Health Levels:12

Essence: 1

Speed: 9 (walking only)

Initiative: 2

Defense: 0

Merits: Damage Tolerance 3, Fighting Style: Basic Beating **, Motivated.

Derangements: Clumsy (Mild), Retarded (Severe), Slack (Severe), Swarmer*


Biters are from classic zombie movies, they lurch and shuffle everywhere. And although they aren't quick, they outnumber their opponents and can take a hideous amount of damage before giving up the ghost.

Int 2* Str 2 Pre 2* Power 2

Wit 2* Dex 2* Man 2* Finesse 2*

Res 2* Sta 2 Com 2* Resistance 2*

*Severely hampered: only roll one Chance Roll for one success any rolls related to these Attributes. These Attributes cannot be used for extended actions.

Health Levels: 22

Essence: 4

Speed: 2 (walking only)

Initiative: 2

Defense: 0

Merit: Strong, Robust *****, Zombie Fighting Style: Bite Down ***

Derangement: Binge Cannibal, Clumsy (Severe), Glass Skull, Retarded (Severe), Slack (Severe), Slow, Slow Shuffle (mild).


Eaters are the updated versions of Biters: these are terrible, filthy vampire-like things that ambush and crouch around before sprinting after running prey.

Health Levels: 16

Essence: 4

Speed: 2

Initiative: 2

Defense: 0

Merit: Strong, Robust**, Death on Legs, Zombie Fighting Style: Bite Down ****

Derangement: Binge Cannibal, Clumsy (Mild), Glass Skull, Retarded (Severe), Slack (Severe).

Occult Servitor

Occult servitors are zombies raised by sorcery to do the bidding of their master. Unlike other zombies, servitors are the most human and tragic in their condition. Of all undead, the servitors have both personality and will. Occult Servitors can be used for the level-four Theban Sorcery ritual: Gift of Lazarus.

Health Levels: 12

Essence: 4

Speed: 9

Initiative: 2

Defense: 0

Merit: Strong, Damage Tolerance****, Full Senses, Instinctive Preservation, Quick and Dead.

Derangement: Slack (Mild)


Revenants are the only zombie type that exists in independence and under of its own motivations. Sometimes revenants are animated by vampirically subsisting off the living, sometimes they buck death for revenge, and even because the Land of the Dead is just too damn boring.

Sometimes Occult Servitors lose the shackles of their animations and become self-serving revenants.

Ghosts that animate corpses are detailed in the Appendix Appendix.

Apart from zombie Health Levels (and Intactness), Revenants keep all their mortal abilities and attributes as they were unless modified by

Health Levels: 12

Merit: Damage Tolerance**, Death on Legs, Full Senses, Instinctive Preservation, Motivated, Quick and Dead, Regeneration 2, Strong.

Derangement: Slack (Mild)

Science Zombie:

Unlike normal zombies, Science Zombies are zombies that have a veneer of rational plausibility. Science Zombies are essentially the same as eaters except that they are not dead. Science Zombies are medical horrors, living people reduced to bestial savagery because of a disease that destroys their cognitive responses leaving a brutal creature that exists to kill, eat and reproduce its infection.

Unlike other zombies, the Science Zombie is created like a mortal with mortal Attributes and abilities with a few zombie adjustments. Science Zombies can die from poisoning, blood loss, and any severe trauma. Science Zombies have Health Levels and suffer from Wound Penalties.

Speed: 9

Initiative: 4

Defense: 2

Health Levels: 7

Merit: Bite Down ****, Full Senses, Instinctive Preservation, Motivated, Pandemic Contagion, Quick and Dead.

Derangement: Clumsy (Mild), Retarded (Severe), Whiner.

Although World of Darkness zombies all have an occult, magical tinge to them, Science Zombies can easily be used as variant zombies or even as fish in a once-off barrel-shoot game.

Zombies Appendix: Ghosts, Numina, and Zombies

Ghosts may zombify the dead if they possess either the following Numen: Poltergeist, Possession and Telekinesis, Revenance, or Walk the Dead.

It costs one point of Willpower and one permanent point of corpus for every point of Size of the corpse.

Starting Corpus: Resistance + Five

Starting Essence: Power + Finesse

Ghosts use their Essence for the zombie's Health and Intactness. All the essence used is tied up. Any Essence not spent may be used for Numina powers.

Animating a corpse is highly difficult because the sensation is exceedingly uncomfortable to the ghost because it has to work and puppet the dead meat with the assistance of an autonomic nervous system - like a paralyzed person walking but forcing his legs through the motions.

If the ghost is animating a corpse that isn't its own the ghost suffers a -3 on all rolls.


Numen: Walk the Dead

For every point Corpus, Essence and Willpower invested into a corpse animates it as a drone. The ghost gains the zombie merit Zombie General while the drones are up and about.

The ghost can only command corpses he has raised from death.