Zombies v2.0


Chris Cooper

The information presented herein is an optional alternative to the zombie rules presented in WOD: Antagonists. This is a toolkit by which any kind of zombie can be custom created for the World of Darkness, from hungry Biters to savvy Revenants. For ease of use examples of zombies will also be given.

It is presumed that the zombies created are for the official World of Darkness games, like Vampire: the Requiem. However, they can be used for any custom Saturday Night Zombie Apocalypse shoot-'em-up or meat-flag game you wish to run.

It is suggested that either these Zombie rules are used, or the ones from Antagonists, but not both.

Zombies v2.0 is broken up into three parts:

Part One: Birth of a Corpse is basic zombie creation for Ghost Attributes, Mortal Attributes or converting between them.

Part Two: Real Meat Filling is a list of Zombie Merits and Derangements for full customization.

Part Three: Shamblin' Man is a list of sample zombies for ease of use for the Storyteller. There is also an appendix, explaining the means by which ghosts can possess dead bodies.

Birth of a Corpse

Real Meat Filling

Shamblin' Man