And then we come to the other side of the coin: the ones who just want to be left alone.

You won't catch Loners in a Conclave at all. They're Freewraiths too, of course, but they're just not the social ones. A lot of them are Dropouts, or Rogues, just like us Conclavers, and you got some Rejects and Aspirants too, but more the latter than the former. Not too many Kinder, as you might expect, but there's stories of a few really, really old kids who just want to have their toys to themselves.

GDIs - that's God-Damn Independents, by the way - are sort of your real independent operator. They live outside of the Conclaves, and they stay in contact with us but not too close. Maybe they just don't like being too social and like their space, or maybe they were in a Conclave when it got busted and they barely escaped... maybe both. I know some GDIs who just holed up from day one and didn't want to do more than say hi and exchange some goods for favors.

But at least we can occasionally go to them. The other type of Loner, the ones we call Hermits, are really unfriendly. They just want to be left alone, and if you try to be social you're liable to get a fist in your face, or worse.

Don't know too much about them, really. Most of them are supposedly Gaunts who dropped out of the non-Hierarchy factions at some point because they were so disgusted with what they saw. {Hierarch Gaunts don't tend to drop out - once you've been in the beast for that long you turn into an asshole.} These Hermits have gotten to the point where they can manage their own Shadows, too, so they don't need to depend on anyone for anything. They got a Domain, and they do whatever they do while lurking there.

And boy are you up shit creek if you walk into it.