J. Edward Tremlett

Yeah, right here. This is the place.

Heh, yeah, not much to look at, huh? Of course, everything here's not much to look at, this being deadsville and all. But you'd never think what a run-down, Indian restaurant could hold. Come on in, down the kitchen's back stairs.

Yeah. That's it. This is it. Once you step over the threshold there's no turning back, Kid. No changing your mind, either. You're in or you're out.

Good... I knew you were in, I just wasn't sure.

Come on down, Freewraith. We got a lot of ground to cover...

Neither Hierarch, Heretic, Renegade nor Guildwraith, Freewraiths are those who disdain - or were cast out from - the other facets of Wraithly society.

They constitute a majority of minorities: child ghosts, wanted "criminals," rejected Heretics, abandoned Renegades and those who decided that whatever they were in was not to their liking, and the other alternatives weren't so great, either.

Together, these varied hands scrape an existence under the noses of the others, banding together for shared protection and company or remaining alone and aloof.

So come on down the stairs and share in their secrets, if you're the right sort of person to do so.

But be warned: they know their own, and some secrets are worth killing for...

General Overview

Social Structure