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To the Dead, a Domain is an area that's "owned" - or at least claimed - by certain Concord. In this case, "ownership" implies that the Concord has either gained a monopoly on the Haunts within their Domain, or has earned proper Tribute {or at least an understanding} from Wraiths of other Concords whose Haunts fall within that area.

The word Domain is also used to describe the area - most often a Haunt - that a Wraith, or Circle of Wraiths, have claimed as their own. Their claim usually comes from the area being their Haunt, which may be an Anchor Haunt or Ghost Haunt, but the Domain may also be an area that they've taken control of through other means.

In either case, their Concord lays claim to this Domain through the presence of its Wraiths, but may or may not consider that land theirs to do with as they please. Some Concords are very liberal with the notion of "owner's rights," while others - most notably The Order - insist that it all belongs to them.

As Haunts form the building blocks of Domains, gathering and holding Haunts is the primary goal of many Concords within a Necropolis. This activity has become known as The Game of Houses, though no Wraith is absolutely certain why this name was put upon it, or when. It's just another one of those things which make enough sense for Wraiths to take it for granted, and cause enough headaches to leave well enough alone.


What does a Wraith do if one or more of her Anchors is in another Concord's Domain? If she's lucky, they might let her have visiting rights. If she's not, they'll expect some kind of payment for the "privilege" of free movement in and out. This payment is known as Tribute.

In general, The Order, the Messengers and the Believers are generally nice about letting other Concords' Wraiths visit their Anchors, so long as they behave themselves. However, they may have prohibitions against certain Concords: the Haunters are a favorite target of all the above, and may be forced to pay Tribute, or be barred from coming in altogether, depending on how the relationship in that Necropolis is.

The Freewraiths, on the other hand, are highly territorial, and demand Tribute at every turn. The Haunters tend to destroy anyone who comes into their Domain, so Wraiths with an Anchor in Haunter territory should see about having it moved - if they can.

Meanwhile, the Pardoners are generally allowed to go where they will, as no one dares to tell them they can't. {Except, of course, the Haunters...}

Importance of Domains

40 Acres and a Citadel

Acquiring Haunts