The Necropolis

Silent streets and vacant halls,
Ruined roofs and towers and walls;
Hidden from all mortal eyes
Deep the sunken city lies:
Even cities have their graves!

Amalfi - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In ancient days, the dead were interred in large, sprawling graveyards that were almost separate cities unto themselves. The Greeks called such a place a Necropolis - a city of the dead. And sometimes the dead were laid down in places so far from the living that this name was quite apt, indeed.

To the modern dead, a Necropolis is the city as inhabited by the dead. It is a self-contained kingdom of the dead: cut off from all but the closest neighbors, and effectively alone. All the Ghosts and Wraiths, and all the things they do with one another - or against one another - happen here.

This is where the Haunts and Citadels stand, and where the Domains are laid down, or ignored This is where the Catacombs can be entered, and the Shadowlands avoided. This where the Storms erupt, where the Lost lurk and where the Damned attack the unwary.

This is where it all happens, safe from the eyes of the Living.

The city is not always the best of friends to the dead, but it's often the only real protection they have. And so, they have adapted to it, in order to fit their needs.


Dying by Numbers

Given how decentralized and fractured the Deadlands are, it's almost impossible to get an accurate census of how many Ghosts and Wraiths inhabit it. The Order has, over the ages, come up with some general numbers, but they are considered to be more of a guess than an observation.

It is estimated that, out of 100 people who die, only one is sufficiently held back enough - for whatever reason - to become a Ghost. And of those who become ghosts, only one in ten is capable of Waking Up on her own.Which would mean that, in a city of 50,000 people, there would be 500 Ghosts, and only 50 Wraiths.

Obviously there are problems with these numbers. The lack of so many Ghosts can be explained by the Reapers, who seem to cull the weakest amongst them. But these numbers cannot take into account the Sleepers who are Woken up by someone else.

In reality, after various forms of attrition, there may turn out to be one Ghost, and ten Wraiths, per 1000 people. And that is still not counting Wraiths who have outlasted their peers by decades, or centuries, or all the Ossified Wraiths down in the Catacombs.

Suffice it to say that each Necropolis is unique, and can have as many Wraiths and Ghosts as it can handle.


Safety in the City


Citadels and Temples


Outside the Bounds