Theme and Mood




The theme of Necropolis: London is struggle. Since the city was first founded on the banks of the Thames, there has been a constant struggle for control on both sides of the Shroud. It has also been the fate of many of the city's souls, both living and dead, to struggle for survival.

Now the city stands on the cusp of utter destruction, and throughout its twisting streets and labyrinthine tunnels everyone struggles to survive, while the new powers that have arisen from the ashes fight amongst themselves for control of the city's resources. Mortals pick at the sodden rubble beside the river for scraps of food just as the Restless circle burning buildings like vultures in search of relics and new recruits for their own personal wars.

No matter what else goes in inside the city limits, life, and death, are always hard.



Existence in the London of 2013 is a dark and miserable thing. The mood of the setting should be bleak, desolate and often inexplicable. A lot of the time, strange things happen inside London without rhyme or reason. A twisted nightmare logic often applies, and as a result, any game set in London 2013 should be desolate and often very, very weird.

This doesn't mean that there is no hope to be found, after all, we are out to have fun. All it means is that the hope can often be difficult to see, and even more difficult to achieve.