Chapter One: Introduction


Shattered Roses



How to Use This Book

Necropolis: London is a supplement for Wraith: the Oblivion drawing on the information presented on the city in Ends of Empire. It is set after the devastation of the Sixth Great Maelstrom in the London of 2013, and details a world on the cusp of disaster in both the Skinlands and the Shadowlands

This book is intended to act as a resource to the people playing Wraiths inside an online environment, to give new players an exhaustive idea of what to expect from the city both among the living and the dead, and to allow Storytellers to use and adapt the setting for their own games.

It details two new factions present solely in London, as well as some of the Restless that run and populate them, presenting an original setting away from the usual conventions of the Hierarchy.

It is an example of what happened to a single city after the Maelstrom, its fall into darkness and slow recovery to strength, as well as speculating on the future of the storm-wracked city.

This book also aims to set out some of the major locations in the city of London and its history on both sides of the Shroud, giving Storytellers and their players a post-Maelstrom setting against which to run their games, or join the existing one.

Theme and Mood

The City

London At A Glance