Seeking the Keys

Pt. II: Escape from Sanctuary


Cowboy Ghostie

Tomorrow... Young Cub.

The words echoed through his thoughts as the sun burned the clouds at the beginning of another day... "Wish I knew what was coming..." he whispered, waiting for a reply...

It came quickly. Hollow words echoing through his mind, laced with a pain that was all too familiar. Oblivion... That's where we're heading... Y-you know that, right? There is nothing left for us... N-nothing left for me...

Will's other half seemed to be getting harder and harder to Reason with... He sent up a prayer to whatever deity would hear one such as himself... Please, don't let him turn against me. Such an event would likely mean his soul's destruction.

"We are one in the same, don't forget that. If we work together, we might find a way. We've nothing left to lose but our sanity... Let's look at it that way.."

There was no response... Will gritted his teeth, anger boiling within him. His hands itched to do something, but what could he do? Climb the cell walls?

He couldn't take anymore of this sulking or childish whining without saying something, the words boiled up from his core with the momentum of a freight train. He probably couldn't have held his tongue if he wanted to.

Listen to me, Damn You! We don't have a Choice in this. We can face what's coming, Together, or both of us face the Void. There is absolutely Nothing else to consider. You spoiled whiny little Brat! Think about the consequences of what you're doing, for Once in your miserable little existence!

I... I...
And then Will's other half started sobbing..Again.

Oh Great, just what he needed... Facing Oblivion and his other side just cracks. He was SUCH a weakling. Will put his head down and just sighed, one of those long frustrated ones. "Stop that... Please..."

He didn't.

"You can help me, and have a hand in our future... Or not... And be trapped there until the Void takes us." Quiet voice, no inflection. "Think about that... and talk to me when you're ready." He'd have to leave it at that, it was about time for Ramos' fateful visit...

Trying to get out the door when he comes in would do it, but that would risk the guard having what amounted to an itchy trigger finger. Then again, the guards, at least, always seemed somewhat laid back, they were sure of themselves. Cocky even.

Still, he didn't want to risk it... Maybe he'd just better make a good show out of this.. And then even if it didn't succeed they couldn't tell him he was trying to escape..

He listened quietly, waiting for the sounds of footsteps outside his cell... Glancing occasionally at the grate... He was feeling Paranoid, and with good reason. If he had a better sense of time he'd be able to tell if Ramos was Late...

:::He Comes.::: The words chilled him as the sound of footsteps and chains reached his ears.. There was a clunking and the sound of metal on metal as the window opened the guard's eyes looking in at him as he sat against the wall..

Will just blinked at him quietly and then looked down, seeming miserable, as usual.. Shifting some and rubbing at the metal cuffs that stifled his Arcanoi and senses..

A few more clanks, clicks and sliding noises and then the door opened with a scraping noise. Will moved, scrambling as far back in his cell as he could, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and not looking at them as they came in. Even threw in a sniff for good Effect.

The Guard's eyes were on him... Not liking that he moved.. Father Ramos didn't seem to notice his posture, or maybe he just didn't care. The latter was most likely. "And how are you today, William?"

Will didn't answer, trying to stay on the opposite side of the cell. The guard stepped a little further inside, will threw a fearful glance at him, catching movement by the grate and then looking down again.

"Sulking isn't going to help, now..." Ramos actually broke from his routine... Wow, he must be playing this better than he thought... but Ramos just stared at him a moment, then shook his head, noting something down.

Will lowered his voice to a frightened whisper. "Y-you don't care... Leave me alone... you bastard.. "Sending another brief glance that direction.. The Other was coming through the grate.. if he said something now, the Guard would have time to...

:::Don't Even.:::

That almost broke his act.. How did he? No. Best not think of it now. Just cooperate, the guard looked like he could handle a harrowing. As for Father Ramos... well, Who cared? Bastard...

"Of course I care..." Those words spilling from Ramos' lips seemed ironic indeed... But will knew that time was running short... He had to do it now.

"No you don't!!" Not quite a shout, and emphasized by slamming a fist into the wall. "Damned Pardoners, none of you give a damn..."

He spun around, glaring at Ramos, trying for some sort of impact on the man even if he was about to get what he deserved... "Don't you think I know better by now?!" Will moved, sideways as he had the guard's full attention, his hand even sliding towards his weapon as the prisoner got 'violent'.

A Soft thud as the Other landed behind the guard, it was over quickly enough, the guard falling through a sudden Nihil and a faint click as his weapon was caught midair... Ramos, turned in time to catch a kick to the face, landing on the floor behind the door and did not rise, Will didn't want to know why. He watched this invader from a bit of a distance, unsure of what came next.

"Watch the door." This stranger's voice was surprisingly rough as he moved to the Pardoner. It was very much different from the mental contact he'd gotten before.

Mnemoi...fallen Mnemoi? He couldn't help but wonder which as he moved to follow orders. He hated people looking in his head, Will had had enough of that for one Existence... He didn't see what the shade did, nor did he really care, but when the other put a hand on his shoulder he jumped, moving out of immediate range.

"Time to go..." The shade smiled, showing sharks-teeth, then turned and climbed up to the grate. Was he going to leave him here? Should be expected... So... Next?

"Are you coming?"

Will blinked, glancing back... Interesting... Should he trust him? No, but he had a better chance of getting out with the shade's help than without it.

Hence, he stepped over and, climbed up to the grate only to be yanked unceremoniously inside. How the hell he fit through the bars he'd never know.

They were about 3 Stories up, Will found out, after he was tossed into the air...

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