Seeking the Keys

Pt I: Waiting for Redemption


Cowboy Ghostie

Jagged teeth against the storm, the uneven bulwarks of the stormwall shreiked in the winds, a symbol of his imprisonment as he peered from inside a locked cell. He shook his head with a growl, pacing in the small space given to him, the firey cold metal of the cuffs a constant awareness..

He could stand it, he was tough, not a weak whimpering thing.. If only they would give him something to DO, he could stand it.. But no, waiting, waiting and more WAITING..

Will stopped and slammed his fist against the wall, resting a chilled forehead against the rough metal. Yes, it kept him safe, waiting here, and father Ramos' visits were often, but..

Calm down, we're not going anywhere.. I know, i'm bored too.. The voice, tired and weak, teetering on the edge of exhaustion.

Muttering quietly to his other half.. "I'm bored out of my MIND.. if they would give us something to do.. hell, even a bloody sketchpad."

Yeah... An uncomfortable silence, then. Would you rather be in the tempest?

"No.." Sliding down the wall, to sit there, a sullen, skinny figure, dark green eyes smoldering as he absently itched at the cuffs. "Not at all.."

Just wish they'd let us see Becca..

He snorts, voice rough, angry.. "Fat chance.."

I know.. But can you really blame them?

"Yes, no, does it Matter?!"

I know.. I.. I'm sorry. I.. screwed this up for both of us.

A silence, where neither side said a word, simply the howling of the storm.. It continued awhile.. a very long while, while Will stared at the ground, listening to the winds play about the walls. He was angry, but nothing could be done about it.

He was here because he needed the protection, he hadn't a chance in hell of surviving out there, and he knew it. Yelling at his other half would make the situation Worse, and.. well.. He sighed. "You know.. I don't think either of us could have prevented this.."


"I.." A pause. "This isn't your fault, or mine. It.. Just is.." A Shorter pause then an explosion. "How in Hell did we become allies anyways?!"


"Maybe i got sick of.." Will stops, that isn't going to help his situation. He reaches up and yanks on his hair.. Fingers clawing through it. "Nevermind.. Just Nevermind."

A silence on the back of his mind, a very long silence.. He was just starting to wonder whether or not he'd screwed up again when the sound of bolts sliding out of locks, and the cheerful humming of Father Ramos..

Cloudy green eyes glanced at the rust laden door, creaking slowly open.. "Evening William, how are you today?" This guys was FAR too cheerful, annoyingly so..

"Bored out of my skull, thanks for asking.." Just a bit of sarcasm, just a bit.

"Ahh.. Well perhaps my time will fix that? Shall we start the session for today?" The Father slipped inside, along with one armed guard..

Will waved a hand, just a vague gesture, running the other through his hair, nervously. "Are you going to give me something to do afterwards, Anything.." Pause. "Please?"

Ramos just seemed to ignore his words... Continuing with this daily ritual of questions, probings, and misinterpretations.. Will just wondered if it would ever end, and then, finally, it did. Father Ramos left, moving on to the next prisoner..

William had the distinct and undeniable feeling that Ramos hated this task that had been given to him.. and prolly hated him as well.. Not that Will minded, he liked it that way, actually.. But it wasn't going to get him out of here any time this century.

He muttered to himself. "SOB doesn't give a damn, i can tell.."

Great attitude for a Pardoner, y'know.. Are they all like that after awhile?

Will snorted, that brought a smile out of him. "Seems that way, doesn't it..?" He shakes his head. "At least you still have a sense of humor."

:::You don't want to stay there forever, do you?:::

William froze, glancing around his seemingly empty cell with suspicious green eyes. It was a moment before he whispered a reply.. "Who said that..?"

Don't.. Don't talk to them.. Came the weak whisper in the back of his mind.. But he couldn't ignore them, he wasn't stupid.. Who knows what they'd do.. We're not going to get any second chances here, i don't want to risk it. But.. No 'But's.. I don't think we get harrowings..and i don't want to find out for certain.

:::Your saviour, young cub. Are you willing to assist?:::

"Is it going to get me destroyed?" A harsh whisper as he continued to look, trying to find the source of the voice, even glancing at the ceiling..unlikely as it may be..

:::Interesting quesiton for one in your position.. In the hands of the enemy's machine, do you not think you would be crushed by it's gears as it continues along it's mindless march..?:::

The question sent a chill through him, but no, this wasn't a friend. They're trying to make him doubt.. And he knew they needed to think it worked. So he hesitated, visibly, hulking back into the corner of his cell.. "I.." Just enough inflection to make them think he was uncertain..

The voice was rich with amusement, :::I can read you like a book. You know the truth, If you remain, they will destroy you. Cooperate with us and we will help you.. You can be one of Us.:::

Another harsh whisper, this time injecting a little false anger. "And i would trust my brethren? Are you forgetting our nature? I have no wish for destruction at your claws.." He glanced from the door to the grate several times.. "I.. I'm Safe Here."

A mental chuckle.. :::I require only a distraction.. And in return, i will spare you. Fail to cooperate, and you will feel my claws, when there's no-one around to help you..:::

Will paused, a crude threat, but a good one, and he was pretty sure it wasn't empty. Had he a chance to let Ramos know about this, or would he be ignored.. yet Again?

W-what are you gonna do? came the Voice.

It depends, he replied, do you think Ramos would listen if we tried to tell him?

I.. Don't know.. The doubt was obvious in the other voice.

Will hesitated a moment longer and then thought back. I'm not going to risk it, i've no intention on becoming breakfast for Oblivion here in this cell.

It's not safe out there!!

I know that! Will snapped back at his other half as a delicious wave of fear washed through him as he whispered harshly to the other.. "You make a convincing arguement, Brother.. What am i to do..?" No turning back now, not at this point anyways. Will could hear his other half sobbing in the background, but his time was over.

Missed chances, botched friendships, wrong place at the wrong time. Casper had lost control of the wheel, and it wasn't up to him anymore. It was Will's time now, for better or worse. After 3 weeks of just sitting here, it was time to do something...

::: All I require is a distraction.. You need not suceed, simply distract the guard as Ramos comes through the door.. I have a debt i need to pay to him and his brethren...:::

"You intend to harrow him?" Will's brow furrows.."Is.."


Will reacts only to still his tougue, It would not do to show weakness in front of this.. Intriguing new force. He lowers his eyes and just nods quietly, feigning submission..

:::Tomorrow.. Young Cub.::: And with that the voice was heard no more, replaced by a heavy silence. The rest of that night and into the next day Willam wondered.. Just what lay in store for him? ..and could he survive it..

* * *