Don Salazaar

"We can make Charon reverse his decision. It will be difficult, and it will be expensive, but it can be done. I cannot tell you the cost at the moment, for we have only dreamed of doing something on this scale, and never planned it..." (wry chuckle) "Or budgeted it, either..."

The well-known Grand Master known as Don Salazaar is no more.

Those Solicitors who looked after him say that when the Great Maelstrom struck, he was in the middle of very complicated negotiations with various parties (whose identities do not need to be divulged at this time) and took the full force of the Outbreak when the window broke. Very few in the room were able to escape the wind, debris and attendant Spectres: Don Salazaar was not one of them.

The news was taken with a great deal of concern amongst the Order of Three. For a time, it was hoped that he might escape his Harrowing and come back to the Cabal. But as the weeks became months, and the months turned into years, it was fairly clear that he was lost to Oblivion. He was mourned as both a leader and a shining example, and quite openly missed - both by those who loathed and loved him

And those who loved him could use his advice, right about now. Solicitors who actively aided him are being cut down from the shadows: left to twist in the wind as their webs of lies, blackmail and deceit are unraveled about them, leaving them vulnerable to outraged mobs and vengeful Solicitors. Anyone who had the audacity to call him friend has just disappeared, as though they vanished into thin air. And anyone who was never sure where they stood with him watch the shadows and jump at slight noises, afraid of what's to come.

Those who have been with the Cabal long enough to see these cycles play out say that this is to be expected. When a leader falls, those who attended him must also fall. The dispossessed reach up as one to take their revenge as the vanquished become the victimizers. The game changes its places and begins yet again, rules changing to fit the new landscape.

It is nothing to be afraid of, or alarmed about, they say: It is only the turning of the wheel.

And a circle is forever...

...And Masters of It

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