Katherine Wheel

"It's all about desire, baby - upper-case and lower-case "d" desire. Once you get a handle on one, the other'll come knockin' at your door, sure as shit. And it's power, baby. It's all the way, baby. Come Here, baby... let me show you..."

Katherine Wheel was something of an oddity in her breathing days: she was one of the few black women in mainstream American porn able to transcend the "novelty" factor and become a bonifide star in her own right. She straddled the time between the late 70's high-plot, low-production era and the late 80's high-production, low-plot era, taking on everything the scriptwriters could throw at her, and then some.

Those who worked with her said that she was like a woman possessed. Voodoo jokes made the rounds, and she laughed right along with the others at them. They were often calling her the black Amber Lynn, though she hated having the b-word in front of the title; She just wanted to be known for what - and who - she could do.

And do she did. She did everything. She did everyone. She was insatiable, both on and off the camera; Like the song said, she just couldn't get enough.

Unfortunately, she got more than she bargained for. News of John Holmes' infection made the studios freak out and demand AIDS tests from its workers. She came up positive, and was drummed out of the business along with the other victims. She paid bills by being a stripper after that, but stripping doesn't go that far when split between rent, food and medication.

One night, after a show, a man came to her dressing room and said he could get her back in films... if she didn't mind catering to a "special" crowd. By that point, she didn't care - anything to be back in front of a camera. What she didn't know was that her "agent" represented rich freaks who wanted "special" movies that the normal studios wouldn't touch. They were scary, gross and degrading movies, all shot on commission. And the "stars" were near-talentless actresses down on their luck, and scary-looking actors - with names like Butch, Killer and Slash - who were just a little too willing to do anything.

At first, Katherine just dealt with it, but after she realized how disposable the actresses were she got wise as to where it was all leading. That was then they got her hooked on heroin, just to give her a leash. She tried to get out a few times, but they always knew where and how to find her. Eventually they got tired of looking and booked her for a stump film, but the "love doctor" got a little carried away...

When she came out of the Caul, she was fetal with shock, not quite sure what had happened to her. The man who would become her mentor in the Cabal was waiting. He kissed her lovingly on the neck, whispering the legend of Innana into her ear. And by the time he was done with it, she was able to get to her feet and accompany him out of the studio. She never looked back.

Since then, Katherine has become a notorious figure amongst the Solicitors. No one's sure just how she got a rebellious streak, but she's become one of the most noisy and unapologetic Shepherd Insurrectionists of the lot. She was incessant in her calls for the Cabal to openly back the Renegades, and now that Stygia has fallen she's redoubled her calls, saying that now is the prefect time to pull it off.

She hasn't gotten much support from the Order of Seven. Some of the more staid Traditionalists - including Don Salazaar from the Order of Three, it should be noted - have tried to have her silenced. But they've never had any luck: between her uncanny knack for survival, and her massive Memoriam, she's come back from every attempt to put her down. Recently she's been solidifying her hold over the Renegades she had before, and gaining Clients from the new breed of Renegade.

And no, she's never looked back... at least, not too much. In her Haunt, behind her bed, there is a row of toys she's had the Gardeners make special for her. They all scream instead of moaning when she touches them. And every single one has a name: Butch, Killer, Slash...

...And Masters of It

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