Episode 1

Where the characters first arrive in the shadowlands and are reaped by a kind but elusive Renegade.

Also where they begin to learn about their new condition, and have their first battle.

embers of the Circle were reaped by a "nice" Renegade that explained to them the basic stuff, like Corpus states, where they were and stuff. They were in the back of the church, and then started to look for clues as to how much time has passed. For the first time they had to become incorporeal, allowing the players to get used to the systems.! Paulo, running Elric's shadow, even tried to tease him a little, and it was nice.) Jeremiah's player, Henrique, wasn't present.

The first thing they decided to do was to enter the church building.

Going to the backstage room, they found it clean of the corpses, but recently. A strong smell of crinoline filled the room.In the floor, traces of the brown sugar and a syringe under a closet. Elric started looking for his Harmonica, and when he found the closet it was supposed to be in, he used Inhabit to greminilize the doors and the Harmonica fell on the floor. The players were becoming despaired by their insubstantiality.

Tired of searching the church and certain that no more than a few days had passed, they decided to take a walk in the city, and went to Paulo's former house. Nothing much interesting there, his family was ok. They decided to go to the drug dealer's house, and had some fun dodging from people inside the bus.

The back of the church, where the
characters were Reaped.

As the Circle were climbing the stairs of the drug dealer's house, they spotted a black hole in the ground, just ahead of them (a Nihil). They examined it pretty bravely, and suddenly they were attacked by a small spectre.

Combat for newbies is tougher than I thought, and they got their asses kicked, and ended up falling in the Nihil.

Jose succeeded in activating his Argos for the first time, and could catch Elric as they fell. Paulo was not so lucky, and fell in the raging sea, where something was trying to pull his leg down. They finally found some dry land, and ended up in a place full of old buildings and trash, like some "gang-territory" style.

Six guys were in front of them, and one of them asked:

"So what the fuck are you, who stepped out of the Tempest? Do you belong to the Hierarchy, are you Renegades or Heretics?"

"We are Renegades," Jose said.

The man took a chain from his coat and said, as he swung it: "So to the forges you go."

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